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North Florida

With hilly terrain and eco-systems resembling the Carolinas, North Florida is filled with days of twisty rivers, crystal clear springs, pine forests and saw grass marsh. An ideal place to dip a paddle!

Florida Cities: Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa


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10 Locations in North Florida
Blue Spring State Parkrating152013/7/2013
Dunedin Flrating147117/26/2013
Fanning Springs State Parkrating101116/13/2013
Homosassa Springs Manatee Paddrating103312/16/2014
Juniper Springs Runrating1081112/6/2012
Oklawaha River, Ocala, Flrating1501212/9/2012
Palm Bayrating101311/31/2013
Sebastian River Overnightrating115912/3/2012
Silver Riverrating1545212/9/2012
Silver Springsrating1010112/5/2012