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Swift Creek

Post By:erik on 6/6/2012 7:10pm
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I am working my way up/across the state exploring our streams and joined the ACKC to get local insight and share my experiences is the area.

Tropical Storm Beryl hydrated a few streams in NE Florida on Memorial Day and I am going to take time off from work to explore some of the following: Withlacoochee River, Apalahoochee River, Turket Creek, Alapaha River (to Suck Hole Siphon), St. Marys River Middle Prong, Santa Fe River and New River (upstream of CR-121), Sampson River, Deep Creek and Swift Creek. Is anyone planning to be on any of these over the next few days?

I am also curious about the following description of Swift Creek on page 86 of Florida's Fabulous Canoe and Kayak Trail Guide; “Fast and dangerous, local outfitters caution that Swift Creek is not for beginners. A tributary of the Suwannee River, this creek was recommended by a member of the Apalachee Canoe and Kayak Club. Swift Creek flows into the Suwannee from the northeast between Suwannee Springs to the west and White Springs to the east. Right conditions, as always, mean a lot. During high water, this creek can be difficult. At low water, there is an exposed limestone shelf. In between, conditions are perfect. Swift Creek is crossed by US-41 and CR-25A. The put-in is northwest of White Springs on CR-25A. The next official takeout is on at Suwannee Springs, nearly 5 miles downstream. Suwannee Springs is north of 1-10 on the east side of US-129 just before the river. However, some scout "unofficial" landings to shorten the trip. Club members were curious if the trip could be paddled from US-41 to CR-25A. Any paddlers who do this are welcome to provide an update.”

Have any of you been down Swift Creek? I scouted it last year from the bridge crossings and the current was way too swift for me at the time. I do not recall what the Suwannee River gauge at White Springs was then but it is currently at 51.63 feet. Does anyone know what gauge level (preferably one on Swift Creek) is considered “perfect?” Thanks.

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