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FS: Dagger Piedra Whitewater Kayak W/Pdf, Skirt +

Post By:ttaylor on 9/24/2016 2:16pmicon
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For Sale: Dagger Piedra Whitewater Kayak w/PDF, skirt +

Price : $249.00

City: Tallahassee

My Contact Info

Name: Tom Taylor
Phone: 850-933-9444
Email: Me

Dagger Piedra a good all-around river runner. Although an older whitewater design, it is in good shape and would be a good boat for a beginner or someone that wants to explore moving flat water. Predictable, all-around river runner for the smaller to medium paddler, soft-chined and responsive, tracks well for solid ferrying, stable learning platform great for all levels of paddlers. Includes a spray skirt, . Normal wear and tear, but no big scratches!

Type River Runner
Length 9' 6"
Width 23.00"
Volume 60.00 gallons
Weight 41.00 pounds
Cockpit Size 34" x 19"
Paddler Weight 85 - 180 lbs.

Review - I bought this boat thinking I would only use it for flat water runs and mostly boatball, but I ended up using it for a while as my primary boat and fell in love with it. The boat does track and roll excellently but also turns remarkably well in current for a boat that is 9.5' long and tracks so well. I took it down the Tellico, Cheoah, and Tallulah and it was a blast. Any boof you can hit with speed and particularly rampy boofs this thing will absolutlely fly off of. For slower, straight on ledge boofs it is a bit harder to land flat because of the long stern. As for punching holes it does pretty well at that too but if you donít hit it right or with enough speed and correct body position the stern may load up a bit. the boat does still handle well with some water pushing down on the stern. My only concern with the boat was pitonning which I was fortunate to never do, but the boat is pointy on both ends and does have the long stern and that was enough to give me pause on which rivers I wanted it on and which ones I left it at home. Of all the boats I have owned and it is a long list, this is one of my favorites for classes 1-4 whitewater.

03-06-2005 Submitted by: Mark Krempasky Rating: 10 of 10
†††††I've had my Piedra for 3 years and was able to roll it on my sec~

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