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FS: Saltwood Hustle Paddle

Post By:tmornstar on 9/5/2018 10:46amicon
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For Sale: Saltwood Hustle Paddle

Price : $250.00

City: Tallahassee

My Contact Info

Name: Tommy Thompson
Phone: 850.445.3236
Email: Me

This paddle is no longer available on the market so this is your chance to snag this collector’s item. The Hustle takes comfort and versatility to new heights while still delivering everything you’d expect from the sought after Saltwood Paddle. The mid-sized blades on the Hustle are perfect for touring in a variety of conditions and feel incredibly smooth as they move through the water; perfectly balancing catch, power and resistance to create a blade that is at home on the flats and in turbulent water as well. The Balsa mid core in the blades aid bracing and rolling, yet they still allow you to bury the paddle in the water and maximize your catch when a powerful stroke is required. Beyond the balanced shape and feel of the carbon-fiber blades of the Hustle, you will really enjoy the unique feeling and flexibility of the spruce shaft and the indexed hand grips that are prominently featured on the Saltwood. Some folks may be going for the smallest shaft possible, but I’ll take the extra control and comfortable feeling of an ergonomically designed hand grip any day (it helps me keep a light, loose grip, too!). If you’re in the market for a versatile, elegant yet powerful touring paddle this could be your new best friend.

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