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Florida Circumnavigation

Post By:thistlecap on 2/10/2011 3:49pm
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I am waiting for a new boat to be finished, and as soon as I can pick it up will be starting the Florida Circumnavigation. That will be as early in March as possible. Right now, I'm alone, and meeting anyone who would like to also make the trip would be great. The first reason is for safety and mutual enjoyment, and the second, the Big Bend wildlife management area, Segment 6, requires that a minimum of two travel that portion, but limit the number to 8 people or four 2-man tents. That section is 153 miles or about 15 days, and mostly open Gulf water, so it's one of the tougher portions. Anyone for any portion would be great, but I especially need a partner for that leg. Check the guide at, or our blog for more details at
Thanks, Jim

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