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First Aid/Cpr

Post By:quincypair on 5/2/2012 8:14am
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We attended the CPR and First Aid class last Saturday led by Megan Eno and put on by the Florida Trails Association. It was an excellent class; we updated our CPR knowledge and learned about what to do in emergencies while 911 is responding. She also teaches a 2 day wilderness first aid course. Megan is the best CPR instructor we have ever had and the day went by very fast. We even joined the FTA, even though we don't plan to do much hiking or trail work, because this course was so helpful. Thanks to Gwen for posting this on her e-mails. Now we're looking forward to the self-rescue class this Sunday at Lake Hall. Like first aid, we hope we don't ever need to use it, but we'd like to be prepared just in case.

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RE: First Aid/Cpr
Post By: paddlesolo on 5/2/2012 3:51pm

I would be interested in your experience with the self-rescue course.

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