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Hi, I'm Jlpaddle.

I did economic research for the State of Florida and have been canoeing on and off since 1983. Retired since 10-31-2014. I joined Apalachee Canoe and Kayak Club on 12/27/2011 and since then filed 73 reports with 753 photos. My hometown is Tallahassee, FL.

My Most Recent Report

8/20/2017 Sopchoppy River (Martian Bridge Forest Rd 329)

Sopchoppy River is a great little dark water stream with high banks and a few good sandbars to have lunch on during the trip. The high banks and trees keep the trip relatively cook in the Summer.

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My Trip Journal
 8/20/2017Sopchoppy River (Martian Bridge Forest Rd 329)50Trip Rating
 8/18/2017Dry Creek(Lower) (Dry Creek (lower))10.50Trip Rating
 8/12/2017Econfina Creek (Upper) (Econfina Creek)60Trip Rating
 11/6/2016Spring Creek, Ga (US 84 bridge Spring Creek)8.50Trip Rating
 11/6/2016Spring Creek-Chipola Magnolia
(Turnerís Landing, Jackson St.)
7.40Trip Rating
 10/24/2016Hillsborough River
(Morris Bridge Park-Trout Creek)
40Trip Rating
 7/9/2016Econfina Creek (Upper)
(Econfina Creek SR 20 Park)
60Trip Rating
 1/31/2016Aucilla River (Aucilla River Reames Landing)7.40Trip Rating
 11/16/2015Suwannee River (Suwannee River - Hal Adams Br.)60Trip Rating
 10/11/2015Dry Creek(Lower) (Dry Creek (Lower))10.50Trip Rating
 10/10/2015Wakulla Beach (Wakulla Beach to Shell Point)10.50Trip Rating
 10/10/2015Wakulla Beach (1204 Wakulla Beach Rd)100Trip Rating
 7/9/2015Upper Ochlockonee River
(Hadley Ferry Bridge - Georgia)
10.820Trip Rating
 7/3/2015Wakulla River (Upper bridge to US98 bridge)3.2520Trip Rating
 6/29/2015Upper Ochlockonee River
(Upper Ochlockonee River CR-12)
14.420Trip Rating
 6/15/2015Dry Creek(Lower)
(SR-73 bridge south of Marianna)
10.520Trip Rating
 5/30/2015Middle Chipola River
(Yancey Bridge-Magnolia Bridge)
1020Trip Rating
 5/3/2015Spring Creek, Ga (US84 Bridge West of Brinson)8.519Trip Rating
 5/2/2015Wakulla River To City Park
(Upper bridge of Wakulla River)
6.65Trip Rating
 5/1/2015Wacissa River (Headwaters of Wacissa River)1020Trip Rating
 4/22/2015Sopchoppy River (FR 329 (Martian Bridge))50Trip Rating
 4/4/2015Upper Econfina Creek1020Trip Rating
 4/3/2015Wakulla River (Upper bridge-Shadeville Rd.)69Trip Rating
 4/1/2015Spring Creek, Ga (Brinson Bridge (US-84))8.520Trip Rating
 4/1/2015Spring Creek, Ga (US84 bridge boat ramp)8.50Trip Rating
 3/29/2015Wacissa River (Wacissa Headwaters)10.919Trip Rating
 3/19/2015Wacissa River (Wacissa River Headwaters)59Trip Rating
 1/31/2015Sopchoppy River (FR 329 (Martian Bridge))50Trip Rating
 1/30/2015Wacissa River (Wacissa Springs Headwaters)919Trip Rating
 12/12/2014Upper Chipola (Christoff Ferry Ln., Marianna)4.520Trip Rating
 12/7/2014Sopchoppy River (FR329 (Martian Bridge))520Trip Rating
 12/4/2014Sopchoppy River (FR 329 (Martian Bridge))520Trip Rating
 11/9/2014Dry Creek(Lower) (Iron Bridge Rd.)620Trip Rating
 10/18/2014Steinhatchee River (Steinhatchee Falls Put-in)820Trip Rating
 10/12/2014Little River, Gadsden County
(Little River, Joe Budd WMA)
 9/27/2014Econfina Creek (Upper) (SR-20 Park Bay County)620Trip Rating
 9/26/2014Wakulla River To City Park
(Shadeville Rd/CR-61 bridge)
617Trip Rating
 9/20/2014Wacissa River (Headwaters of Waciassa)314Trip Rating
 8/2/2014Dry Creek (Private Property)513Trip Rating
 6/22/2014Aucilla River (Upper Aucilla US 27 bridge)620Trip Rating
 2/9/2014Little River, Gadsden County (Little River)8.220Trip Rating
 1/18/2014Omussee Creek (CR63 Bridge NW Columbia,GA)520Trip Rating
 11/23/2013St. Marks River (St Marks River private put-in)620Trip Rating
 11/16/2013Middle Chipola River
(Middle Chipola Peacock Bridge)
820Trip Rating
 10/19/2013Aucilla River (Rheems Landing)8.219Trip Rating
 10/12/2013Omussee Creek (Omussee Creek CR 63 Bridge)520Trip Rating
 10/5/2013Lake Lafayette, Tallahassee
(Lake Lafayette Heritage Paddli)
5.220Trip Rating
 9/15/2013Little River, Gadsden County
(Little River Road boat ramp)
8.2 15Trip Rating
 8/24/2013Lake Lafayette, Tallahassee
(Lake Lafayette Passage Paddlin)
6.417Trip Rating
 8/10/2013Sopchoppy River (Martian Bridge(FR 329))513Trip Rating
 7/27/2013Wakulla River To City Park
(Upper bridge to City Park)
611Trip Rating
 6/22/2013Upper Ochlockonee River
(SR157 (Old Bain) to Tower Rd)
616Trip Rating
 5/26/2013Dry Creek (Dry Creek (upper 5 miles))512Trip Rating
 4/20/2013Sopchoppy River (Sopchoppy River FR 329 bridge)512Trip Rating
 4/13/2013Pine Log Creek (Crooked River Bridge and CR 67)810Trip Rating
 4/6/2013Wakulla River (Upper Section)
(Upper 2 Lower Bridge)
47Trip Rating
 3/31/2013Middle Econfina Creek
(Econfina Creek Hwy 20 to SR388)
58Trip Rating
 1/21/2013Little River, Gadsden County
(Little River Rd boat ramp)
8.29Trip Rating
 1/14/2013Suwannee River (US41 Bridge2Stephen FosterPark)2.78Trip Rating
 11/11/2012Wacissa River (Headwaters of Wacissa River)100Trip Rating
 10/13/2012Dry Creek50Trip Rating
 9/16/2012Little River, Gadsden County
(SR 268 and Little River Rd.)
8.20Trip Rating
 9/1/2012Sopchoppy River (FR329 Martian Bdg to Oak Park)50Trip Rating
 8/18/2012Dry Creek (Dry Creek (upper 5 miles))50Trip Rating
 8/4/2012Spring Creek-Chipola Magnolia
(Spring Creek Marianna, Fl)
40Trip Rating
 8/4/2012Spring Creek_Chipola2peacock B
(Spring Creek at US 90 Marianna)
14.20Trip Rating
 7/14/2012Aucilla River (Rheems Landing to Lost Dog)80Trip Rating
 6/16/2012Dry Creek (Dry Creek-upper 5 miles)50Trip Rating
 4/28/2012Dry Creek (Dry Creek (upper 5 Miles))53Trip Rating
 4/7/2012Little River, Gadsden County
(Little River Rd, off SR 268)
n/a0Trip Rating
 2/25/2012Dry Creek (Dry Creek upper 5 miles)518Trip Rating
 11/6/2011Dry Creek54Trip Rating
 10/23/2011Little River, Gadsden County
(Little River, Gadsden County)
8.27Trip Rating

Thanks for checking out my trip journal!