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Hi, I'm Paddlesolo.

I am an avid paddler and member of FPCKC and the ACKC. Living in NW Florida has given me a chance to paddle some wonderful streams. I post trips regularly on the Greenwave Forum, a state-wide paddling site. Check it out at I joined Florida Sea Kayaking Association on 3/21/2009 and since then filed 4 reports with 42 photos. My hometown is Marianna, FL.

My Most Recent Report

Boiling Creek

4/13/2011 Boiling Creek (Boiling Creek)

Boiling Creek is a seep fed stream located in the Eglin Reservation south of Milton. Three miles of the paddle is on Boiling Creek which empties into the Yellow River, and another three miles of paddling on the Yellow takes one to the boat landing.

Read my report - includes 14 photos

My Trip Journal
 4/13/2011Boiling Creek (Boiling Creek)614Trip Rating
 1/1/2010Merritt's Millpond (Merritt's Millpond)49Trip Rating
 9/27/2009Aucilla River (Aucilla River at Rocky Ford)8.719Trip Rating
 3/21/2009Dry Creek (Dry Creek in Jackson County)50Trip Rating

Thanks for checking out my trip journal!