Aucilla River Report
(Aucilla River Reames Landing)

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 1/31/2016 
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The Aucilla River is one of the few rivers in North Florida with a few sections of fast water. Most are just shoals, but Lost Dog Rapid (AKA as the Aucilla Rapid) is the result of an old broken dam.

My Report:

Aucilla River 1-31-2016

John L. instigated a 7.4 mile* trip on the Aucilla River, with Don, his trusty guide, lead Charlotte, Linda N., Gwen B. and Gary on a pleasant trip down the river. The weather forecast was for partly cloudy and a high of 73. However, reality was that it never got above 64 and was overcast. We got on the water at about 11 AM after a 9:30 meeting time and a 1 hour turn around. We dressed for the cool weather and no one complained of being cold for very long.

We put in at Reams Landing, a boat ramp about 3 river miles above the CR257/14 Bridge on the east side of river. There were 3 small sections of what I would call fast water above the bridge and about the same number below the bridge if you include Lost Dog Rapid (aka, the Aucilla Rapid). The water level was 49.05 feet and the cfs was 243, so the water was moving along and there were just a few trees in the water that were easy to paddle around. I took 238 pictures of which I deleted 27 because they were too blurry to see. So far, I have left the last picture undeleted even though it is a close up and rather blurry.

This would have been a fun, but otherwise uneventful trip and would have been a relatively boring story had you instigator not intervened. I was sitting in a tiny eddy created by a rock in the middle of the river at the bottom of Lost Dog Rapid, taking pictures of Lost Dog from below and having a great old time when I decided to turn to take some pictures of the people on the bank. One does not shift ones weight in a narrow eddy without consequences! My last picture is a very blurry close up of the water as I entered it for a brisk and refreshing swim.

There is nothing like a swim to remind you that tying things down is important, that wet winter clothing, spray shirt and dive boots are hard to swim in (not to mention the VERY cold water forcing its way up your nose at G-Force intensity). Luckily, Don took care of my kayak and Gary got my paddle (once I let go of it) and I got myself to shore. I did not lose anything except a few cat lives (I think instead of 9 I am working on about the 35th). All this is rumor, since no one got any good pictures.

We saw one hawk (flying), one buzzard (soaring), and one turtle (waiting on the sun). No flowers were seen on this January day.

After the trip, we retired to La Fiesta for a good meal (some of us took advantage of the supply of margaritas, too), great laughter, and made plans for future adventures. Joann F. met us at LaFiesta for the dinner and brought yummy homemade brownies for all.

You can get the map by county and then select each boat ramp for more details.
This is for Reams Landing.

Reams Landing Lamont, FL 32336 30.290604, -83.827308

Lost Dog or Aucilla Rapid 30.245926, -83.914036 Donís maps show how to get to Lost Dog, which is not on the Boat Ramp finder.

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 7.4
Fees/Costs $: 0

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsThere are several other sections up river that can be paddled and the Aucilla Sinks are down stream as is the Wacissia River.

Post Date: 9/1/2017

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