Wakulla Beach Report
(Wakulla Beach to Shell Point)

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 10/10/2015 
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This was a pleasant paddle on a beautiful sunny, but not hot, day. When we were first paddling, much of the area was inside the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge (few homes) and the trees and grasses were a pleasure to see. Goose Creek Bay is the water body.

My Report:

Wakulla Beach to Shell Point, 10-10-2015

Kate, Charlotte and John took a 10 mile round trip from Wakulla Beach to Shell Point (Walker Creek) and back to look at the wildlife and have lunch. We left at close to low tide and came back on close to high tide. There were lots of birds out: ibis, heron (green, white and blue), osprey, tons of gulls, pelicans and lots of little shore birds.

The wind was with us most of the way to the Shell Point Public Beach and it was a pleasant paddle on a beautiful sunny, but not hot, day. When we were first paddling, much of the area was inside the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge (there were few homes) and the trees and grasses (wild Florida) were a pleasure to see. At the picnic site, we encountered a couple of hungry-acting gulls, but with a loud hand clap by John, the gulls were scared off. As we left Shell Point, the wind was with us at first and the only problem was trying to make sure we stayed out of the way of the fishing boats zooming around us. After a short while, the wind shifted and the going got a little harder (feeling the wind on your face isn’t always a good thing). After a while, we were ready to be back at Wakulla Beach… we kept thinking the take-out would be just around the next bend, but we kept realizing how different the area looked at high tide. After the final wrong turn, we stopped and ask the fishermen where Wakulla Beach was…just around the next bend.

As we paddled around the last bend to Wakulla Beach, the mullet became very active, jumping and running, and behind them something much larger (creating large splashes of water) was chasing them. At the take-out, we noticed that the snails that had been down in the grass during the low tide were now up in the grass at high tide. The little crabs that were everywhere at low tide were nowhere to be seen. The slightly wet spot of the parking area where we parked (South end) had an inch and a half of water over it (I wondered why no one else had parked there).

To get there.
From Capital Cir SE south on FL-363 S go 13 miles
Turn right onto US-98 W go 3.4 miles
Turn left onto Wakulla Beach Rd go 3.9 miles
1204 Wakulla Beach Rd

Tides Tables for St. Marks, FL you can change to a different city if you have the GPS #’s.

1204 Wakulla Beach Rd, Crawfordville, FL 32327, 30.105076, -84.261959

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 10.5
Fees/Costs $: 0

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsWakulla Springs State Park is near the beach.

Post Date: 9/2/2017

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