Little River, Gadsden County Report
(High Bridge Road to Lake Talqu)

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Report By:  tom    Date: 12/31/2010 
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The lowest part of the Little River flows into a northern arm of Lake Talquin. The river looks narrow when seen from highway bridges, but is more like the Aucilla or the Upper Chipola River.

My Report:

Charlotte Hand suggested a New Year's Eve trip on the Little River, and with stormy weather that closed in the next day, we were glad she did this trip. From what I had seen of the Little River it looked muddy and very narrow, but that was because I had only seen it from the highway bridges. Charlotte and John Lorenz, Carole and I, Frances Stone, Linda Nicholsen, Galen Moses, and Dan Dobbins headed for the put-in at the end of a dirt road near the Highway 268 bridge. Our plan was to go down to Lake Talquin and back up to the put-in.

Because I thought the river would be narrow and twisty, I brought a single-blade paddle for manueverability. But the river is much more open and straight than I expected, more like the Chipola River near Marianna or the Aucilla River. The current was amazingly still on this day, almost like paddling a lake. The east side is in the Joe Budd Wildlife Management Area. There are high hills and bluffs along much of the bank.
You will encounter fishing boats along the river - it seems to be a favorite spot for anglers. Everybody seemed to be friendly and considerate.
As we approached Lake Talquin, Dan and John were quietly contemplating the bank and motioning for the rest of us to be quiet. It turned out they were watching an otter making its way downstream along the bank, and we could see a little sleek black head bobbing in and out of the water. As we approached the lake, the wind picked up and we were bobbing on the swells coming in. We turned back, and Frances' GPS unit told us we had come a bit more than 4 miles downstream.
Heading back, there was still little current and a bit of tailwind. Along with plenty of coots and anhingas.
I had asked if it's possible to paddle the Little River from US 90 near Quincy down to Highway 268. But apparently there are plenty of haulovers and logjams. When we got back to the put-in, we discussed going 15 minutes upstream to see a monster logjam that blocks the river between high banks. Linda, John, Dan and I set out, confident of being back in a short time. We hit the first bunch of floating logs at the bridge, and then began threading through other log tangles. None of them stopped us, and we went north of where the Panhandle's gas pipeline crosses the river (you can see that on satellite images as a cleared strip of woods). I have no way of being sure, but I think we may have gone almost to the spot where I-10 and the CSX railroad cross the Litte River.
Finally, John came to a huge fallen tree that would have required hauling over. We were getting pretty well worn by this point and headed back. I suggested that maybe the logjam had given way and that was why we encountered so many smaller log tangles. I figured we had been gone about 45 minutes, but when I got back found it had been more like an hour and a half!

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Photos from High Bridge Road to Lake Talqu:    (Click image to view full size)

Lower Little River No Comm
Lower Little River

John paddles past one of the hills and bluffs on the lower Little River

Watched from above No Comm
Watched from above

Anhingas kept a careful eye on us as we paddled downriver.

Lake Talquin No Comm
Lake Talquin

We arrived at the north arm of Lake Talquin, where the wind was formidable.


Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsSay hello to the Otter!

Post Date: 1/2/2011

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