Omussee Creek Report
(Omussee Creek)

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Report By:  gwen    Date: 7/11/2009 
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Southern Alabama

My Report:

The Omussee Creek paddle coordinated by Tom Butler was great. Iíve never seen the creek so low but fortunately there was enough water to paddle. There are no gauges on the Omussee so itís necessary to check water levels in nearby streams and infer river conditions from those levels. Itís not a foolproof method.

If youíve never experienced the Omussee, itís well worth the drive up to southeastern Alabama. The Omussee is a shallow stream with a fast current that bounces along over numerous shoals. It is confined within narrow banks that cut through massive layers of weathered gray rock festooned by a curtain of ferns and dripping with the water that trickles down from perched water tables. Several small creeks and waterfalls intersect the creek and add their contribution to the flow. Some of us hiked up one such creek and collected pretty rocks for our rock gardens. We took a break at the old mill to cool off a bit before resuming our trip. As usual, we were reluctant for the trip to end. Tom topped off the day by offering nice cold slices of watermelon at the take-out. It was a great paddle, Tom.

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Post Date: 8/8/2009

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