Dry Creek Report
(Dry Creek-upper 5 miles)

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 6/16/2012 
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This is a gem of a creek in Jackson County. The creek has clear water and lots of wildlife if you are quiet and yes a few reptiles. Check out the pictures from previous trips.

My Report:

Linda, Hal, Glenn, Christine and Lynn joined me on a trip down the upper 5 miles of Dry Creek. It was a great day for a paddle. There were fishermen at Black Spring (river rise for Dry Creek) and more after we got through the bulrushes. The water was up and a little cloudy at the beginning, but cleared up once we got past the bulrushes. The bulrushes seem to have grown back and it was a struggle through them. Once we got past the first hundred yards the stream clears up and the vegetation is no longer a problem. The good news is that there were a lot of Apple Snail egg casings on the bulrushes. There was a good breeze blowing for most of the trip, cooling with out being a pain to paddle against.
While on the trip, there were only two slide-overs, and a couple of new trees down, but we could get around them. There were only a few flowers out: Pickerelweed –arrow leaves with purple/blue flower spikes (Pontederia cordata), small yellow St John’s Wort (Hypericum), a very few small asters. There were swamp mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos ) at the take out.
The reptiles were better represented, i.e. some of us saw them this time. The alligator and two very large (some would say fat) harmless water snakes. There were some Ibis, wood storks, kingfisher, great blue herons and a few other birds, but we saw more humans on this trip than all the other trips I have made. Near the end of the trip we ran into a couple of guys standing in the stream fishing. We still saw deer or heard deer on several occasions. There was more of a current on the creek this time than any time before. You could float along at a slow pace without doing much paddling. The light breeze kept the bugs down, but once we stopped there were a lot of gnats at the takeout.
Otherwise, this was a great trip on a beautiful day with lots of very green scenery. The last part of the trip was in shade, which helped when the afternoon heat started.
Logistics and water level: The USGS Chipola River gage at Altha almost was 8.7 feet on 6-16-2012 and there had been1.4 inches of rain between the 9th and the 14th. This is only a rough guide since there is no gage on Dry Creek. If you look at the log in the put in picture from 2-25-2012 the water is just up to the bottom end, but on 6-16-2012 the water was up about 2 inches or so on the log.
The put in is a good 100 yard carry if you don’t get one of the two close parking spots. A four-wheel drive will get you down by the water, but the ‘road’ is very rutted and uneven (see the picture four years old, but the road has not improved with age). The water goes very gradually from sand to deep enough to float. There is a no trespassing sign (large sign on right, after the put in dirt road) that should be honored. If there are more than two vehicles park along the North side off the road. The put in is on private property, so please keep it clean for the sake of continued access.

The take out (river left) is at the SR 73 Bridge and at high and low water there is room for two at a time to take out and the water here is shallow sandy with a gently slopping bottom. There were several cars parked at the take out besides ours and these were local women taking the there kids swimming and a couple of teenage girls that basically ignored us.

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Distance (miles): 5
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Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsVery clear water, lush vegetation and lots of wildlife

Post Date: 6/19/2012

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