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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 10/13/2012 
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This was a work trip to move some of the limbs and sand that would make the trip less fun it they had remained in the river.

My Report:

Tom, Gwen, Kathy N., Lynn, Jim, Ed and Marylyn, Carl and Linda, Charlotte and I spent a great work day on Dry Creek. There were two fishermen leaving at the time we were unloading boats down by the water. I did not get a chance to talk to them. Our initial introduction to Dry Creek was to see (or at least some of us saw) a small water snake on a sawed-off log just before you get to Black Spring. Black Spring is not a spring, but a river rise.
The approach to the bulrushes is best done on the right side as the center of the creek is very shallow at this time. Some were able to pole themselves along with their paddles to get over the shallow area just before the bulrushes, the tandem canoe had to get out and walk a short distance (10-15 feet). The bulrushes, while not fun, were not too bad to get through. The shallow water after the bulrushes made it easier to paddle straight down the middle of the creek and then go to the left side to get into deeper water. We tested the walkie-talkies and they worked OK, but the range is very short. It did allow us to figure out when everyone got through the bulrushes. Ed and Kathy N. kept out of trouble by cutting unruly branches and snags out of the way. The rest of us proceeded to the slideover.
We made great progress in cleaning up some wayward branches and moving some of the sand from in front of the slideover. This makes it much easer to approach the slideover directly and get up enough speed, if have a deeper draft, to get up momentum to make a run for the log and truly slide over it. The water seemed higher today, so I was able to paddle over the log in both directions without touching the log (slideover). Tom and Jim did the heavy lifting (branches and sand) in this area. The others were inspired to whack a few branches here and there, while Lynn took out some aggression on a 12 inch log and with Tom’s weight on the other end made short work and a lot of sawdust of the log. By the end of the trip there was a little less enthusiasm for random attacks on wayward foliage. Further down there were two limbo logs that people in a tandem canoe had to duck under.

We saw ibis, great blue heron and other small birds, but no deer. There was a very large tent set up part of the way down the creek, so I assume deer did not appreciate the company. We did see a few schools of fish and the water was very clear, so even small fish were observed. Midway through the trip we saw a very large wasp nest on a tree over the creek. They did not get upset with us and we stayed river left. At the take out Tom went to check out some trees and ran into some yellow jackets and was stung 15 times. After a short time one of the group came up with both oral and topical Benydeil.
There was a patch of bog sunflowers (helianthus simulans), heartsa’bustin (euonymus americanus) and lots of Dahoon holly (ilex cassine) at the putin. The fragrant climbing hempvine (mikania scandens) was blooming in the bulrushes, as were the bulrushes themselves (brown tufts that the ducks like).We saw red lobelia (cardinal flower) and blue lobelia, musky ment (hyptis alata), bush aster (symphyotrichum dumosum), ladies tresses (spiranthes cernua or small terrestrial white ground orchid), and green eyes. At the take out there were blue mist flower (ageratum), beggarticks (bidens alba) and more helianthus.

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Post Date: 10/17/2012

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