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Report By:  tom    Date: 3/9/2013 
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From Martian Bridge to Oak Park Bridge after recent rains revived the river.

My Report:

After weeks of watching the online USGS river gauge, recent rains boosted the Sopchoppy to flood stage, and then it settled back into its banks. I hoped that the level would hold through Saturday and asked for people to join me on a trip. It worked out very well! Patti Sanzone joined us in a borrowed kayak, Carole and I brought our boats, and we were joined by Art Cooper, Lynne Hepner and Marnie Perry.

The river was 12.5 feet. A level of 10.5 feet will get you through, and the extra 2 feet added a nice boost to the water. Like the recent trip on Alabama's Omussee Creek, the banks had been scoured clean by high water and there were plenty of logs in high branches. The forest roads had become firm after a few dry days, and looked like they had been graded and filled, because we saw almost no mudholes.

Our only river obstacle was the massive pine tree that has been across the channel for the past two years. We were all able to squeeze under it after kicking away some of the floating branches that had piled up at the log.

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Distance (miles): 6
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Photos from Upper:    (Click image to view full size)

Squeezing Under No Comm
Squeezing Under

Marnie Perry gently approaches the huge pine log across the creek

Clear! No Comm

Marnie emerges on the other side

Oak Park Takeout No Comm
Oak Park Takeout

The takeout at Oak Park Bridge is almost always strenuous. Lynne Hepner pulls her 12-foot `yak uphill.

Flood Debris No Comm
Flood Debris

The branches and logs stuck in the trees show how high the previous week's flood waters were.

Post Date: 3/9/2013

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