Aucilla River Report
(Aucilla River at Rocky Ford)

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Report By:  paddlesolo    Date: 9/27/2009 
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The section of the Aucilla paddled in this trip report was from a boat landing off of Rocky Ford Road above Walker Springs Bridge down to Lost Dog Rapids. Paddlers may choose to run the rapids or take out immediately prior to the rapids.

My Report:

Don Kelly posted a trip announcement for a paddle on the Aucilla River. The group met in Tallahassee for a trip to the put-in, and as they drove past Reams Store in Lamont I joined the caravan to the put-in. We unloaded our boats and then made the shuttle to the take-out in the Aucilla River section of the Suwanee River Water Management District.

As we drove to the take-out to leave our vehicles we passed many hunters in the area, and one had successfully taken a deer. The weather was dry and clouds of dust billowed up from the sandy roads. Two vehicles carried paddlers back to the put-in and we were soon on our way downstream.

The Aucilla is a deep blackwater stream in hardwood and cypress woods. The banks are high, and the river bed falls sharply, few sloping places when one needs to get out. There are a few river cabins and houses on the left side of the river, and no development on the right side. Interspaced with the deep sections of the river are places where the limestone karst rises creating rocky shoals. The river level was high enough that the group had good water levels to run the shoals and I followed experienced paddlers and negotiated these areas without difficulty.

On past trips, fallen trees have caused difficulty for paddlers, but since motor boats use stretches of the river, the most recent tree blocking the stream at the S curve shoals had been removed. There were no pull-overs or limbo logs to negotiate.

Lost Dog Rapids was the ending point of our paddle. The trip leader had told those that did not wish to do this white water stretch that we could take out prior to running the rapids. A couple paddlers chose this option, and the rest took turns running the rapids while Charlotte stood by with a throw rope. Everyone was successful and there were no swimmers.

Nice day on a beautiful stream with a great group of people. The GPS mark posted is for the take-out at Lost Dog Rapid.

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 8.7
Fees/Costs $: free

Photos from Aucilla River at Rocky Ford:    (Click image to view full size)

Looking Downstream No Comm
Looking Downstream

This is a view of the river looking downstream from the boat ramp.

Bridge Pilings No Comm
Bridge Pilings

The group paddles past the remains of an old wooden bridge.

Do it in a Dagger No Comm
Do it in a Dagger

One of the small shoals to be negotiated on the Aucilla

Getting Started No Comm
Getting Started

Tandem kayak just starting out from the boat ramp.

Go with the Flow No Comm
Go with the Flow
Go with the Flow II No Comm
Go with the Flow II
Time for Lunch No Comm
Time for Lunch
Lunch Break II No Comm
Lunch Break II
River House No Comm
River House
Shoals No Comm
Shooting Through No Comm
Shooting Through

This paddler is coming through the rocks at the beginning of Lost Dog Rapids.

Happy Paddler No Comm
Happy Paddler
Another Drop No Comm
Another Drop

A picture of a lower drop on Lost Dog Rapids

Between the Rocks No Comm
Between the Rocks
Take Out No Comm
Take Out
Going Through No Comm
Going Through
Field of Flowers No Comm
Field of Flowers

Fall Flowers beside the road on the trip home.

Yellow Flower No Comm
Yellow Flower

Fall Flowers beside the road on the trip home.

Seed Pod No Comm
Seed Pod

Fall Flowers beside the road on the trip home.

Post Date: 9/29/2009

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