Dry Creek Report
(Dry Creek (upper 5 miles))

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 5/26/2013 
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This is a great trip. On a hot day nothing beats a paddle in a tree covered clear creek.

My Report:

On a beautiful Sunday, eleven hardy souls embarked on a trip down the upper 5 miles of Dry Creek, near Marianna, FL- Tom and Carole B, Don K., Linda B., Carl and Linda T., Linda N., Lynn H., Michael M., Kathy N. (back after too long on the sidelines) and John L.. The put-in was in good shape, with only minor trash to be picked up and there was only one mosquito attack reported. (I will have to talk to their union about that, I had promised people mosquitoes.) The water looked a little low at the put-in with aquatic weeds filling a large area. Once we paddled past the Black Spring and out into the lake area, the water was low, but passable. The bulrushes were as predicted- very tall and covering a larger area than in the past, making it very difficult to get through(see picture). Don broke open the path with his 40 inch wide canoe and Tom got out and helped pull people through.

The worst was yet to come. The area after the bulrushes is usually clear and shallow, but this time it was filled with several types of aquatic weeds. The distance of about two hundred yards was filled with weeds and made paddling very difficult.
After we got through the weeds it was relatively clear-sailing. There are two new obstacles besides the old slide-over log. The first was a very low limbo log. If the water came up a few inches, it would be a walk around (see picture) and it would need to come up about ten inches before it would be a slide-over. The old slide over log was still in place and a sand bar has built up in front of the log making it necessary to go far left and then cut across far right to get over the log at the deepest part. The second new obstacle is the top of a tree that fell in the water. Tom made it passable by standing on the log and helping people past the now submerged log. He also spent some time breaking branches that were in the way just after the log. If it rains again this tree top should move on down the creek and hopefully out of the way.
We had lunch on the left side of a small island and, given the size of the group, broke into several different conversations. After an extended lunch, we continued on down the river. At one point I thought I heard a deer running through the woods, but did not see it and the only other wildlife I saw were herons (one great blue and one white). The trip was pleasant and uneventful until the end. At the takeout one of our group was helping another carry a boat, when they tripped over a loose rock and fell, hitting the kayak with their nose and knocking some skin loose on their arm. Linda B and Lynn H did a good job of taping up the wounds, but this incident did show the lack of good first aid equipment. The tape does not stick to humans in upper 80 degree weather and most of the band aids were not big enough to cover a large abrasion. This trip leader could use a first aid class that is more current then the one I took four years ago. Luckily the abrasions were not serious, but it could have been.

Flowers on the creek
The first ones I saw were cow lilies or spatter dock (Nuphar advera), the pickerel weed was in heavy bloom all along the upper part of the creek (in the sun), lizardís tail (Saururus cernuus) and spider lily (Hymenocallis crassifolia) in the shade, we saw one small swamp rose(rosa palustris) at the lunch stop and one large one at the take out. The Dahoon Holly (Ilex cassine) was just beginning to bloom.

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Photos from Dry Creek (upper 5 miles):    (Click image to view full size)

Put-in No Comm

Getting ready to go.

Aquatic weeds No Comm
Aquatic weeds

This picture does not do justice to how large an area covered by weeds.

Pickerel weed No Comm
Pickerel weed

These were all along the sunny part of the creek. Their bright blue flowers were everywhere.

Pickerel weed No Comm
Pickerel weed

These were all along the sunny part of the creek. Their bright blue flowers were everywhere.

New slide under No Comm
New slide under
New slide under No Comm
New slide under
Down river view No Comm
Down river view
Down river view 2 No Comm
Down river view 2
Spider lilies No Comm
Spider lilies
Down river view 3 No Comm
Down river view 3
Take out No Comm
Take out

The motorboat person was friendly and waited for us to get out of the way.

Lynn in the bulrushe No Comm
Lynn in the bulrushe

Carl Tinsley got this picture of Lynn waiting to get through the bulrushes.


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Special InterestsFlorida Caverns State Park, and several Chipola River trips, plus a Spring Creek Chipola trip

Post Date: 6/16/2013

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