Little River, Gadsden County Report
(Little River Road boat ramp)

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 9/15/2013 
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This is a 4.1 mile paddle down to the lake and the same distance back. There are 30 foot high bluffs and swamp along the river. Depending on the time of year and how quiet you there are lots on animals and birds.

My Report:

Mary B, Don S., James K., Carol T., Linda B, Linda N., Faith, Tom and Carole B., and John met at 8:30 AM on Sept. 15th to do the Little River in Gadsden County. The river was back to itís normal water level (68.58 ft and less than 200 cfs) after weeks of rain. There were two new trees down across most of the river. The trees were only a short distance from the boat ramp and one could be seen from the boat ramp. The tree down near the boat ramp requires you go slightly left of center and duck under a large oak branch.

The second tree requires you go river far left to get around the tree top. Further down there is an old log across most of the river that requires you go far right in shallow water. These three areas seem to be keeping the motor boaters out of the river. The lower part of the river is clear, but we only ran into one motor boater. The assumption is that it was Sunday and most of them were in church.

There was one active hornetís nest, sighted in a cypress tree leaning over the water, and a gator that paddled along with the kayaks for a short distance. It was sighted by people paddling in the front of the group, while the folks in the back saw only small alligators. I saw one hawk and a couple of large birds (two far away to ID) and one yellow prothonotary warbler.

Every one seemed to do OK on the trip, but it got very hot around 1:30 PM and we did not get off the river until around 2:30 PM, after getting on the river around 9 AM. I am sure my arms will remind me that I did 8.2 mile in flat water. One of our people got stuck in the mud and had to be helped out by Tom and James. The parking was very tight and the dirt road very narrow.

The plants in bloom include button bush (Cephalanthus occidentalis), smart weed(Polygonum ), swamp mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos), spatter dock (Nuphar advena), one Joe-Pye-weed(Eupatorium fistulosum), beggarís ticks (Desmodium ), henp vine(Mikania scandents), lots of yellow primrose (Oenothera biennis), poison hemlock (Conium maculatium), and swamp sun flower(Helianthus angustifolius).

Plants with seeds Ė catalpa trees (long beans) , beauty berry (Callicarpa Americana- clusters of purple berries), trumpet creeper (Campsis radicans-pods), honeysuckle (Lonicera - red seeds), red buckeye or horse chestnut (Aesculus pavia - gray nut with yellow seed), and lots of river oats(Chasmanthium latifolium).

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 8.2
Fees/Costs $: 0

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Luna Moths at putin No Comm
Luna Moths at putin
Duck under No Comm
Duck under
On the river No Comm
On the river
Go Left No Comm
Go Left
On the river2 No Comm
On the river2
On the river3 No Comm
On the river3
Joe Pye Weed No Comm
Joe Pye Weed

Butterfly plant

Primrose No Comm

Butterfly plant

Primrose No Comm

Butterfly plant

On the river4 No Comm
On the river4
Water plants No Comm
Water plants
Lunch1 No Comm
Lunch2 No Comm
Empty nest No Comm
Empty nest

Looking up river

Nest2 No Comm

Looking up river


Post Date: 9/17/2013

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