Omussee Creek Report
(Omussee Creek CR 63 Bridge)

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 10/12/2013 
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Omussee Creek always seems to have fast water moving through it whether it is low or high. There are high banks with rock strata showing multiple layers, small water falls, seeps and ferns. Low water makes the river more technical.

My Report:

Omussee Creek 10-12-2013

Tom and Carole, Frances, Charlotte and John paddled the Omussee Creek in canoes and kayaks at low water (apx. 1 foot – read more later) and saw many low spots we had not seen on our most recent trip when we did the trip at high water (5.5 feet). The river gage under the CR 63 bridge only goes down to 3 feet, but the river looked to be at around one foot. The current was still flowing at a good clip that took us along at a good rate of speed without paddling.

There were lots of exposed rocks and logs that had to be navigated. The railroad bridge had a very large log across the whole right side, which was portaged on the right bank. At the old mill site, there is what we think is a fallen dam, where we barely slid over the wooden structure. We felt lucky to make it through without being flipped.

The old power plant dam was a challenge, because the water level was so low you could not help bottoming out on the far right. Our usual near right was filled in and too shallow to paddle. Although the trip around the far right side resulted in new scratches for all the boats on the trip, it was best to go to the far round of the mound of dirt, then back to the left before going over the ledges. Below the dam was a nice standing wave that got everyone wet and splashed cold river water into the boats. We all were refreshed after going through the standing wave. Everyone had to stop and bale after that.

The take is about a half mile from the dam and as we said earlier very hard to see from the river. The SR 52 Bridge is not far below the take out and the water is flat at that point, so it is not far or hard to paddle back, but you may not want to do it at that point in the trip. Everyone seemed to have a good time during our 3 hour paddle. (We ate lunch after we got off the river.)

One odd, sad, thing- we saw was a reddish-brown slime (algae, fungus?) coming out of many of the seeps and crevices flowing into the Creeks. It was sad to see several pretty little waterfalls with this matter hanging in it.
We didn’t see much wildlife – just a few kingfishers that let us know we were in their territory. Fall flowers were in bloom –purple mistflower (Eupatorium coelestinum), white and blueish-purple asters (Aster pilosus), yellow sneezeweed (Helenium autumnale) and muck sunflower (Helianthus simulans). Alongside the roadside going to the river there was goldenrod (Solidago altissima), several Helianthus and lots of mistflowers.

Charlotte and I had gone up early to clean up the take out and cut back some of the Cherokee rose that was taking over the takeout. The takeout is very hard to see from the river, so we recommend that someone flag it next time with surveyor tape so people will recognize it easier in the future. This is not an easy take out. In low water you land in sand/mud and have to go up a tree foot bank to a dirt and concrete ramp that can be very slippery in wet weather. The Cherokee rose grows very fast so bring clippers to open the area to the ramp. The ramp is near the Southwest corner of the trailer park.

From Tallahassee go North on US 27, turn left on SR 159, just as you get to the speed limit signs for Havana). SR 159 turns into Georgia 309 at the state line. Just before you get to Bainbridge turn left on US 27. Go several miles and left on US 84. After you cross the Georgia-Alabama line, turn right on SR 95 towards Columbia, Al then right on SR 52 towards Columbia. Just slow as you approach Columbia turn left on Houston County Road 22. Go north, crossing Hurricane Creek, across the railroad tracks, and up a slight hill. Start slowing because the intersection on the right comes up at the top of the hill. In fact, it's 1.4 miles after the railroad crossing. Turn right on County Road 63; go to the bridge, park on the grass on the west side of the put-in. The put-in is under the west side of the bridge. Our take-out has been either the old mobile-home park near the Highway 52 bridge, or, the Omussee Creek county recreation park, (there is a fee for parking) just off of Highway 95, a mile or so south of Columbia, off of SR95.

The put-in is roughly at 31.342022, -85.177452 (CR 63 bridge) and the trailer park takeout is at 31.295117, -85.12653 (this is private property) and the public boat ramp is at 31.276257, -85.116595. These GPS points are from Google Maps.

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Photos from Omussee Creek CR 63 Bridge:    (Click image to view full size)

Put-in CR 63 bridge No Comm
Put-in CR 63 bridge

Low water at the put-in

Downstream1 No Comm
Downstream2 No Comm
Downstream3 No Comm
Downstream4 No Comm
Bluffs No Comm
Downstream5 No Comm
Fast water No Comm
Fast water
Downstream6 No Comm
Downstream7 No Comm
Downstream8 No Comm
Rock strata No Comm
Rock strata
Rail Road Bridge No Comm
Rail Road Bridge

This is the view from the down river part of the portage.

Rail Road Bridge2 No Comm
Rail Road Bridge2

This is the view from the down river.

Fast water 2 No Comm
Fast water 2

This is the view from the down river.

Rocks & Logs No Comm
Rocks & Logs
Waterfall No Comm

This 'waterfall' was about 5 feet high.

Power Plant1 No Comm
Power Plant1

At the Power Plant we normally take the first right, but as you can see it was very low.

Power Plant2 No Comm
Power Plant2

This is the view from down stream. There is no way to get through without hitting bottom.

Takeout No Comm

This is the take out in the trailer park. Some climbing is involved. This is private property, but no one seems to mind.

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsKolomoki Mounds are about 35 minutes away.

Post Date: 10/13/2013

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