Aucilla River Report
(Rheems Landing)

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 10/19/2013 
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This is an 8 mile trip that would make for a more pleasant trip at 47.5 ft. This is a great stream with high banks and lots of interesting trees. It almost always has spots of fast water to keep you awake.

My Report:

Don, Kerrie, Lynn, Charlotte and John took a chance on the Aucilla River being high enough to float at 47.1 ft and 35 cfs (Lamont gauge). Well, it was…sort of, if you did not mind getting your boat a little scratched up. Overall, it was a great trip with good weather, although we had 3 misty light showers. The water was low enough to see a lot of rocks, shallow limestone caves, interesting rock formations, logs and of course new trees down on the river.

I missed a chance to take a picture of three of our group hung-up on the same log at the same time. While none of these boat-grabbing logs and rocks was impassable, there were at least 14 different places where you could easily hit bottom on a rock or a log. These places also presented the kayaker with a little bit of fast water. We noticed that there were a few more fallen trees in the river between Rheems Landing, where we put in, and the Walker Springs Bridge, our former put-in. There is a log sticking out from the right bank of the S-curve that could ruin your day if you were not careful. Lost Dog rapid at the end of the trip proved to be very lumpy and shallow. Everyone made it through OK, but not without hitting a few rocks. The road to the take-out at Lost Dog Rapid was long and very dusty, since we had to go down to Goose Pasture Road and then back up to the rapid.

The hunters were out (one hunter shared with us that he killed a hog earlier in the day), so all we saw along the river were a few birds (great blue heron, white heron, kingfisher and some small song birds). Kerrie was out in front and spotted 4 to 5 gators - all in the 3 to 4 ft range.The high water over the last few months has cleaned the banks of all but a few hardy plants. Only the yellow eyed grass was in bloom at the put-in beside the boat ramp. There were lots of wildflowers to be see along CR 257 and US 27. We did see one deer on CR 257 when we were going back to town.

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 8.2
Fees/Costs $: 0

Photos from Rheems Landing:    (Click image to view full size)

Put-in RheemsLanding No Comm
Put-in RheemsLanding

Has parking for 10 to 12 cars, but no facilities. This picture shows the landing at low water (47.1 ft Lamont gauge).

Downstream1 No Comm
Logs & rocks1 No Comm
Logs & rocks1
Tree1 No Comm
Tree2 No Comm
Logs & rocks2 No Comm
Logs & rocks2
Bridge out go right No Comm
Bridge out go right
Rocks1 No Comm
CR 257 Bridge No Comm
CR 257 Bridge

This used to be the put-in, it over grown and has rocks ever where.

Rocks2 No Comm
Rocks3 No Comm
Rocks4 No Comm
Downstream2 No Comm
S-curve Top end No Comm
S-curve Top end

This picture by Don shows the log problem on the right.

S curve from bottom No Comm
S curve from bottom
Tree3 No Comm
Rocks5 No Comm
Happy paddler No Comm
Happy paddler

Lynn going through Lost Dog rapid. Don's picture

The rock collector No Comm
The rock collector

Picture by Don of John trying to go through Lost Dog rapid.

Post Date: 10/20/2013

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