Omussee Creek Report
(CR63 Bridge NW Columbia,GA)

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 1/18/2014 
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This is a fast running stream with high banks and bluffs. That is very deep, with few places to get out. It is a good idea to have good skills at controlling your boat in fast-moving waters.

My Report:

Lead by Kerrie: Debo, Don, Ronnie, Charlotte and John put their fears of cold water, possible log entrapment above rebar in mid-river, standing waves and who know what water level, behind them and made the 85 mile trip to Omussee Creek for a fun day of paddling. The guesstimate of the water level is some where between 1.5 and 1.75 feet, since the painted guage does not go that low. There were still little patches of frost on the ground in places where the sun had not yet shown. Everyone launched with out incident and the author’s behind did not freeze to the kayak as he initially feared.

With the leaves gone there was still a lot of green, only it was from the very vigorous moss along the banks. The high dark bluffs that were in the shade still had icicles or rootcicles (roots with frozen water), some as long as four feet. The pictures I took did not turn out well, but it was a very impressive sight. The banks have many small waterfalls and seeps. We did see any traces of brown slime in the waterfalls and rivulets that were very evident on our last trip (this is from an iron eating bacterium).
The first obstacle was a tree down across part of the river and this was no problem for the experienced group. However, the large dead animal (cow or large bloated pig—the debate continues) wrapped around the tree did make it a unique and quickly pass obstacle. There were several other trees down along the river, but none of them were much of a problem to get through or around.

The biggest challenge might have been the railroad bridge with the log across it, but thankfully the log was gone. The best track was to go to the left of the opening on the right side of the bridge. The three of us without skirts at the time all received a wave or two’s worth of liquid water that felt like it had been in a solid form in the recent past.
Hurricane Creek did not have a very strong flow, so the standing waves that were there at high water were not a problem this time, but I did hit bottom once or twice… camera work and paddling don’t always mix. At one time or another throughout the trip I managed to run into Debo, Ronnie and Charlotte, while Kerrie and Don proved to be too fast to hit.

At the power plant the low water made for a bumpy ride and a little more brisk refreshing cold water in the boat, which was soon followed by some standing waves and two or three nice splashes of cold water. Sponging out the cold water really got to my hand after this last dip and I had to put on a glove to retain some feeling in my right hand.
The takeout at the trailer park was an exciting time, as always. Step out of your boat onto a rock ledge in about 10 inches of water, up a steep hill, with blackberry vines and rose bushes. It had not rained recently, so the usually slick concrete was dry, thank goodness. One of the locals stopped by to chat, but did not seem to have a problem with us using the ‘boat ramp’. We held a small feast to thank the river gods for sparing us… I mean for the wonderful day on the river.
Animals - We saw 4 beaver sliding into the water from a tiny cave-hole inches above the creek, and 2 running deer. On the drive over we saw lots of buzzards on the nuclear power plant road (hmmmm?) and 6 deceased deer along the various roads we traveled on.

From Tallahassee go North on US 27, turn left on SR 159, just as you get to the speed limit signs for Havana). SR 159 turns into Georgia 309 at the state line. Just before you get to Bainbridge turn left on US 27. Go several miles and left on US 84. After you cross the Georgia-Alabama line, turn right on SR 95 towards Columbia, Al then right on SR 52 towards Columbia. Just slow as you approach Columbia turn left on Houston County Road 22. Go north, crossing Hurricane Creek, across the railroad tracks, and up a slight hill. Start slowing because the intersection on the right comes up at the top of the hill. In fact, it's 1.4 miles after the railroad crossing. Turn right on County Road 63; go to the bridge, park on the grass on the west side of the put-in. The put-in is under the west side of the bridge. Our take-out has been either the old mobile-home park near the Highway 52 bridge, or, the Omussee Creek county recreation park, (there may be fee for parking) just off of Highway 95, a mile or so south of Columbia,GA off of SR95.
The put-in is roughly at 31.342022, -85.177452 (CR 63 bridge) and the trailer park takeout is at 31.295117, -85.12653 (this is private property) and the public boat ramp is at 31.276257, -85.116595. These GPS points are from Google Maps.

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Photos from CR63 Bridge NW Columbia,GA:    (Click image to view full size)

CR 63 Bridge depth No Comm
CR 63 Bridge depth
Icicles on the bluff No Comm
Icicles on the bluff

Not a great picture, but the white streaks are icicles.

Tree down No Comm
Tree down
Down River 1 No Comm
Down River 1
Tree down2 No Comm
Tree down2
Down River 2 No Comm
Down River 2
Down River 3 No Comm
Down River 3
Small Waterfall No Comm
Small Waterfall

There are lots of seeps and small waterfalls.

Rail Road Bridge No Comm
Rail Road Bridge

This is always a challenge you never know if there will be a log across it or the water is so low the rebar might mess up your boat.

Bluffs No Comm
Bluffs2 No Comm
Waterfall No Comm
Old Mill No Comm
Old Mill
Waterfall2 No Comm
Waterfall3 No Comm

The rust is from iron eating bactiria.

Down River 4 No Comm
Down River 4
Sycamore tree roots No Comm
Sycamore tree roots
Power Plant No Comm
Power Plant

Always go right at the power plant. This is a view of the 1st right, go to the far right for a little deeper water.

Down River 5 No Comm
Down River 5
Takeout No Comm

Hard to see and use.

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsIndian mounds are not too far away.

Post Date: 1/19/2014

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