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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 8/2/2014 
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The put-in is on private property on Mysterious Springs Rd. South of Marianna, Fl. You need to get permission to paddle here.

My Report:

Gwen, Gary, Lynn, Claudia, Mike, Dan, Currie, Marnie, Katrina, Pat, Charlotte and John spent a great day on Dry Creek. The put-in road to the water has a major rut that makes using anything other than a large truck or four wheel drive a tricky situation so we parked at the top of the little hill and transported our boats and gear down to a cleared area on the side of the stream.

The water was up about two inches on the large log right side of the put-in (this is the only way I know to gauge the water level on the creek). The bulrushes have been beaten down by a Johnboat, so it made pulling yourself along with them hard. I got out and walked. Pat helped people by pulling them through the shallow parts. Immediately after the bulrushes, the water was deeper and about half of the creek-wide was free of waterweeds.

From the beginning of the trip we saw ibis, three small alligators (less than 3 ft), two very large alligator snapping turtles and near the end of the trip one very neat Barred(?) owl. There were also a lot of fresh water mullet. The pickerel weed and spatterdock were in bloom on the creek. There also looks like some wild rice has started up in a few small patches along the creek. The biggest danger we saw on the creek was about eight large wasp nests. No one was stung, but once you get past the bulrushes and the first time you have a choice of going left or right, go left. There is a wasp nest about face high in a willow tree on the right.

Good news/bad news: The good news is the slide over of years past is gone. The bad news is that there are two new places where you have to climb over logs. The first one has multiple large limbs. The second has been cut up by someone, maybe fishermen, but they did not cut all the way through some of the smaller logs. We did some cutting and moved some of the larger cut logs out of the way. More needs to be done, but I think a determined person could slide over the uncut larger logs. When I started cutting on the limbs I wisely gave my camera to Gwen. When I had finished doing what damage I could I slipped on a log getting out and took a refreshing dip in the creek. The water was over my head, but the PFD kept me from going under.

Everyone who had been on the creek before felt it was not quite as clear as it used to be, but it is still one of the prettiest streams in North Florida.

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 5
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Photos from Private Property:    (Click image to view full size)

Put-in with log No Comm
Put-in with log

The log I use to tell how deep the creek is is on the far right of the picture.

Spring Lake No Comm
Spring Lake
Spring Lake upstream No Comm
Spring Lake upstream

We are going down stream, but this picture is of upstream.

Bulrushes go left No Comm
Bulrushes go left
Gwen breaks free No Comm
Gwen breaks free

Out of the bulrushes

Claudia & Lynn No Comm
Claudia & Lynn

Out of the bulrushes

Down Stream1 No Comm
Down Stream1
Down Stream1 No Comm
Down Stream1
Down Stream2 No Comm
Down Stream2
Little alligator No Comm
Little alligator

It is on the lower branch of the fork in the tree

Same alligator No Comm
Same alligator

It is on the lower branch of the fork in the tree. Up stream view.

Down Stream3 No Comm
Down Stream3
First log jam No Comm
First log jam

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsFlorida Caverens State Park is about 10 miles north. There are several possible trips on the Chipola River.

Post Date: 8/2/2014

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