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(Little River, Joe Budd WMA)

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 10/12/2014 
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The Little River has a mixture of high banks and swamp along it's shores. There is always some animal life to observe. The river is influenced by the lake, so when other rivers are low the Little River still has water in most cases.

My Report:

Little River (Gadsden County) 10-12-2014

Seven hearty souls did an 8 mile trip on the Little River on a pleasant Sunday. Tammy, Diane, Peter, David, Linda, Dan and John had an enjoyable trip even though the river had no noticeable current and the lower part had a section where the entire river was covered with duckweed (Lemma perpusilla). The cfs was 88 and the water level was 68.53 feet, after the rains later in the week, the cfs was over 850 and the water level was over 71.4 feet.

There were only 2 fishing boats on the river, one near the mouth of the river and one came up as we got to the mouth of the river. David had a calm wind for his crossing of the lake to Williams Landing (about 2 miles from the mouth of the river). We tried to find the place to have lunch, but after two failed attempts everyone headed back to the put-in. For future reference the lunch spot is three bayous from the river mouth on river right going upstream.

The wildlife was mostly absent, but we did see several alligators, turtles, great blue herons, a limpkin, the usual complaining kingfisher, anhinga and lots of little birds. There were small asters, two types of primrose (narrowleaf and largeflower), yellow flowered sneezeweed (Helenium autumnale), swamp mallow (Hibiscus moscheutos), a small version of duck potato (Sagittaria lancifolia), blue mist flower or ageratum (Conoclinium coelestinium), hemp vine (Mikania micrantha), pink Polygonum coccineum (called water pepper, smartweed or knotweed), cow lily (Nuphar advena) and an invasive exotic begonia. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the begonias (river left going down stream-two thirds of the way down) growing in the water along a 20 foot stretch. The good news is I did not see any parrot feather as I had in the past. There was a small amount of water hyacinth.

Except for the alligators the only excitement was that I left the back of my car open while we were on the river and, when we returned I put my keys and wallet in the back of the car and closed it to put the kayak on the car. When one has locked the car, but not closed the back, it locks when you close the door. The AAA was no help after 2 hours and Charlotte, who was on a different river trip, was coming back home and stopped by to gave me her key. Many thanks to Diane and Tammy for their phone help and Linda for staying with me and talking about family, antiques and family that are antiques.

Just south of I-10 and US 90 I-10 exit 192 drive on US 268 with one turn on Martin Luther King Blvd (268 has 3 names) about 7.5 miles to the put-in. Cross the second larger bridge about 100 yards then turn left on Little River Road. Boat-ramp is at end of road, easy put-in and no turn around.

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Misty Morning No Comm
Misty Morning
Go Around No Comm
Go Around
Swamp Mallow No Comm
Swamp Mallow
Still Misty No Comm
Still Misty
Mistis lifting 11AM No Comm
Mistis lifting 11AM
Duck Potato blooms No Comm
Duck Potato blooms
High banks No Comm
High banks
Oakleaf Hydranga No Comm
Oakleaf Hydranga
High banks2 No Comm
High banks2
Duckweed No Comm
On the river No Comm
On the river
Sweetgum turning No Comm
Sweetgum turning
Cow Lily No Comm
Cow Lily
River mouth North No Comm
River mouth North

Cow lilies and Water pepper

On the river2 No Comm
On the river2
Nest No Comm
Begonia No Comm

There are 1,600 types of begonia. This one likes water.

Longleaf Evening No Comm
Longleaf Evening


Sneezeweed No Comm
On the river3 No Comm
On the river3

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsJoe Budd Wildlife Management Area and Bear Creek has walking trails.

Post Date: 10/19/2014

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