Sopchoppy River Report
(FR329 (Martian Bridge))

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 12/7/2014 
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This is a beautiful, but technical blackwater stream.

My Report:

Sopchoppy 12072014
Claudia, Tom and Carole, Gwen and Gary, Charlotte and John paddled the 5 mile section of the Sopchoppy River from FR 329 (Martian Bridge) to FR 343 (Oak Park Bridge). One could not ask for a better day to go paddling, the weather was nice and warmed up after a cool and breezy put-in. The water level was 10.8 ft and 113 cfs, which made for some technical paddling. The first tight spot with some fast water was lower and slower than the Thursday trip. As was the rest of the paddle, only there were more low spots and you could see the bottom in many places where you could not before.

There were numerous spots where one’s paddling skills were tested, narrow passages with moving water, but everyone came through fine. There was one pull-over that has been there at least since 8-10-13, but is a slide over at 11.5 ft. Everyone cleared the log with a little extra effort. Getting out on river right, seemed to work well, but some people went over the middle of the log. This maneuver involved sitting on the log then pulling the boat over and reentering the boat on the downstream side. No one got very wet in the process.

We stopped for a short while to work on the last blockage in the river. We moved small logs and cut some small branches, until there were two small passages on river right. All in all, the lower slower water made things easier, but it also, gave you more obstacles to watch out for.

The takeout was as bad as ever, up the steep river bank, but everyone managed with a little help from the rest of the group.

The reported wildlife sightings were one buzzard and one little gray bird on the river and as usual there were no wildflowers in bloom.

From South Tallahassee head south on US 319 (Crawfordville Rd) for 15 miles, turn right on Arran Rd (CR 368/becomes FR 13) downtown Crawfordville. Go 3.5 miles then take a slight left onto Forest Rd 365 and go for 2.5 miles and turn right onto Forest Rd 348 for 2.6 miles. Then turn Left onto Forest Rd 329 go for 0.3 miles and cross the bridge. The put in is on the right or northwest side of the river. 30.061889,-84.491773.

For the turnaround go back to Forest Rd 348 (0.3 miles) turn right and go for 0.6 miles turn right Forest Rd 349 for 1.8 miles. Turn right on Oak Park Rd and go for 0.9 miles, then right on Forest Rd 343 for 0.4 miles. The take out is on the left across the bridge (southwest side). 30.12978,-84.49394

The river gage is at the take out bridge on Forest Rd 343 see the web site .
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Distance (miles): 5
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Fast Water1 No Comm
Fast Water1

Up stream view.

Downstream1 No Comm
On the river1 No Comm
On the river1
Fast water2 No Comm
Fast water2
On the river2 No Comm
On the river2
On the river3 No Comm
On the river3
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On the river4
Fast water3 No Comm
Fast water3
Fast water4 No Comm
Fast water4
On the river5 No Comm
On the river5
Lunch spot No Comm
Lunch spot
View from lunch spot No Comm
View from lunch spot
On the river6 No Comm
On the river6
On the river7 No Comm
On the river7
On the river8 No Comm
On the river8
Trees No Comm
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On the river9
Pullover1 No Comm
Pullover2 No Comm
On the river10 No Comm
On the river10

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsThe Sopchoppy has several other trips and there is a state park and a city park.

Post Date: 12/7/2014

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