Spring Creek, Ga Report
(Brinson Bridge (US-84))

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 4/1/2015 
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There is a boatramp on the south side of US-84 west of Brinson, GA., which is about 10 miles northwest of Bainbridge. The boatramp is your standard concret and there is good parking under the bridge. There are no facilities at the put-in or takeout.

My Report:

At my instigation, Marylyn and Ed lead Linda N., Kathy N., Gary and John on an 8.5 mile trip on Spring Creek out side Brinson, GA. It was a beautiful day and the temperature became a little warm during the last mile or so. Since it was Georgia, the gnats were in abundance, but the scenery along the river made up for the bugs at the put-in and takeout. There were some large houses along the river and also some that looked like they were ready to fall into the river. There are lots of Posted and No Truspassing signs.

Navigation on this section of the river is a little tricky. Take your first left turn, then take your next right turn; after that, always take left turns, whenever you have a choice. There is one place where you can go left or right (see the picture of the stumps in the water-left easy/right may be hard). We saw only three motorboats on the river. One at the beginning of the trip, one near the end and one was putting on the river where we were taking out.

Plants: The fringe trees (Chionanthus virginicus) were blooming, one Walter’s Viburnum (V. obovatum), one sprig of butterweed (Packera glabella) and green-and-gold (Chrysogonum virginianum). Animals: 1 squirrel, many small turtles, couple of fish, 1 kingfisher and a hawk.

The water level at the Iron City gauge was 5.2 ft. and the cfs was 425 (this is well below the median of 739). The creek is wide in most places, but there was a noticeable current.

To get there: From Tallahassee, take either US27 North to Bainbridge turn onto US84 W or miss the big city of Havana and turn left on CR159 at the plant nursery sign (past the Christmas Tree Farm on the left and a church on the right), (Shortly after turning onto CR159, cross the railroad tracks and take immediate right turn, travel for 22.7 miles (after 8 miles, CR159 becomes GA309). Turn left on GA97 go 0.2 miles and go right onto US84/US27 and travel for 2.1 miles to U.S. 84 exit. Take US84 W towards Donalsonville/Dothan for 0.2 miles (the Kangaroo Station there makes a good meeting place, has a Subway eatery-GA gas is cheaper than FL), travel 10 miles on US84, cross the bridge for Spring Creek and turn left and once across US84 make an immediate left into the park with a boat ramp (30.9754,-84.746094 or 3755 Dothan Rd, Brinson, Ga. 39825).

To travel to the takeout, take US-84 S to GA-310 (Yates Springs St.), travel 5.2 miles. Turn right on Smith Landing Road travel 0.3 miles to the end of the road. To return to Tallahassee, take Smith Landing Rd. to GA-310 (0.3 miles) turn right go to GA-256 (1.9 miles) turn left, traveling 9.3 miles to Bainbridge. Merge on US-84/US-27 and stay on US_27 to Tallahassee or go 1.4 miles and turn on Faceville Hwy/GA-97 for 0.2 miles, turn left on W Alice Rd travel 0.3 miles, turn right on GA-309. This is the reverse of the alternate route to Tallahassee. Despite it being April Fools’ Day, no pranks were played.

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 8.5
Fees/Costs $: 0

Photos from Brinson Bridge (US-84):    (Click image to view full size)

Put-in No Comm
Down Stream1 No Comm
Down Stream1
Down Stream2 No Comm
Down Stream2
River Bank1 No Comm
River Bank1
Paddle around-left No Comm
Paddle around-left
River Bank2 No Comm
River Bank2
River Bank3 No Comm
River Bank3
Down Stream3 No Comm
Down Stream3
Down Stream4 No Comm
Down Stream4
Spring No Comm

This is the only one without a No Truspassing sign.

River Bank 4 No Comm
River Bank 4
Down Stream5 No Comm
Down Stream5
Lunch spot - left No Comm
Lunch spot - left
Down Stream6 No Comm
Down Stream6
Left easy/right ? No Comm
Left easy/right ?

Right may may be hard in low water.

Down Stream7 No Comm
Down Stream7
Near takeout No Comm
Near takeout
Down Stream8 No Comm
Down Stream8
Takeout No Comm
green-and-gold No Comm


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Post Date: 6/17/2015

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