Wakulla River Report
(Upper bridge-Shadeville Rd.)

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Report By:  jlpaddle    Date: 4/3/2015 
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The upper bridge on Shadeville Rd/CR-61 has a unimproved boatramp. MapQuest says 2449 Shadeville Rd, Crawfordville, FL 32327 or 30.213317, -84.262071

My Report:

Dan took a group on a Wakulla “moonshine” paddle, the day before the full moon. The group consisted of Cathy B., David, Gwen, Gary, Tom, Carole, Ed, Marylyn, Jim, Larry, John and Charlotte.

While we were launching our boats on the water, a bald eagle flew northward in front of us about mid-way across the river, circled around the upper bridge and then came back by us before flying off in the distance on the other side of the river. Further down the river, an osprey had a nest on the left bank and, sitting about 100 yards down river in a tall tree, was another bald eagle (we believe that this bald eagle was waiting to steal the osprey’s supper). The beginning of the trip was marred by large numbers of no-see-ums that arrived while the non-drivers waited for the drivers to do the turn-around. The no-see-ums continue to plague us as we traveled down the river, especially when we waited to let others catch up. The bug spray did not seem to slow the pests from attacking. Bug “veils” and gloves helped some, but lots of bites were suffered by many paddlers.

Other Wildlife: There were coots near the put-in and a heron along the river. The cormorants and anhinga were flying in formation looking for a place to roost for the night. We saw an Ibis hiding in the bushes. Toward the end of the trip we kept running up on fish near the surface. One small alligator was seen by a few people.

Flowers blooming on the river were swamp dogwood (Cornus foemina), spider lilies(Hymenocallis), duck potato (Sagittaria lancifolia), pickerel weed (Pontederia cordata) and bulrushes.

Dan did a great job getting the tides right. You can use this link to find the tides.

We met at the upper bridge at 6:30, put-on around 7:30, after running shuttle, and were off the river by 10 at the St. Marks City Park for a trip of about 6 miles. It was low tide at the park and, for those taking out at the bank, the mud was not too bad, we sank only an inch or two at the bank. A few took out at the official kayak area, which looks like “bleachers”, where people sank up to their ankles in mud. The parking was good, the park was gently lit up, and the restrooms were available for use. If you don’t take out at the City Park, and go to the St. Marks Boat Ramp, it adds another 0.8 miles and you have to contend with power boats and grumpy fishermen in the dark.

To get there: Tallahassee from Capital Cir SE turn south on Woodville Hwy/FL-363 10.2 miles to right turn on Bloxham Cutoff Rd/FL-267 0.1 mile, then slight left onto Shadeville Rd/CR-61 2.3 miles across the bridge and the boat ramp is on the left.

30.213317, -84.262071

For the turnaround go back on Shadeville Rd/CR-61 2.3 miles, turn slight right onto Bloxham Cutoff Rd/FL-267, Turn slight right onto Woodville Hwy/FL-363. Continue to follow FL-363 5.1 miles, Turn right onto Shell Island Rd 0.4 miles, take the 3rd left onto City Park Ave 0.4 miles, Take the 3rd left onto City Park Ave 0.01 mile. City Park is on the right and it has bathrooms and covered picnic tables.

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 6
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Photos from Upper bridge-Shadeville Rd.:    (Click image to view full size)

Upper bridge-put-in No Comm
Upper bridge-put-in
Put-in No Comm
River view1 No Comm
River view1
Swamp dogwood No Comm
Swamp dogwood
Osprey and nest No Comm
Osprey and nest
Eagle No Comm
Spider lilies1 No Comm
Spider lilies1
Spider lilies2 No Comm
Spider lilies2
The moon No Comm
The moon

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsThe old spanish fort is near the takeout, Wakulla Springs State Park is nearby and the St. Marks River provides other river trips.

Post Date: 4/8/2015

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