Sopchoppy River Report
(Martian Bridge to Mount Beasor)

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Report By:  tom    Date: 2/20/2010 
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A 10-mile paddle on a beautiful February day.

My Report:

After six weeks of freezing weather or rainy weekends, we jumped at Dan Dobbins' offer to lead a trip on the main body of the Sopchoppy River. Putting in at Martian Bridge, we threaded fallen logs, danced around cypress knees and squeezed under a couple of fallen tree trucks. The picture included here doesn't quite capture how technical some of these moves were (you can't see the bush just upstream of the opening that fouls the approach to it). I'd have tried for a better picture, but my first job was staying upright in the brisk current. The current was not as dynamic as the Upper Econfina in Washington County, but it was very energetic.

Besides Dan, we had Claudia Montany, Carole Butler, myself, Marnie Perry and Carol Trescott in our group.

Below the Oak Park bridge, we were glad to see the river was fairly clear. The tides can come up the Sopchoppy as far as Mount Beasor bridge, but we had a steady current all the way to the take-out.

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Location Data:

Distance (miles): 10
Fees/Costs $: n/a

Photos from Martian Bridge to Mount Beasor:    (Click image to view full size)

The Scrunch-Under. No Comm
The Scrunch-Under.

Marnie Perry squeezes under a fallen pine tree. The approach to this log was tricky beacuse of bushes upstream that fouled the approach to the gap.

Mellow Paddlers No Comm
Mellow Paddlers

The Sopchoppy River has plenty of beautiful white sand banks. We were also blessed with warm sun for the first time in weeks.

Special Interests and Comments:

Special InterestsThe water level on this trip was about 12.5 feet, as measured at the online USGS gauge for Oak Park on the Sopchoppy.

Post Date: 2/22/2010

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