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Tallahassee and West

This region covers Tallahassee and all of Florida to the west, including coastal and river systems. Here you'll experience hilly terrain and flora and fauna more likely to be found in the Carolinas. Leon and Wakulla Counties and west.

Florida Cities: Tallahassee, Pensacola, Destin


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24 Locations in Tallahassee and West
Sopchoppy Riverrating3049128/29/2017
Dry Creekrating3014118/2/2014
Upper Ochlockonee Riverrating376387/12/2015
Little River, Gadsden Countyrating2528810/19/2014
Middle Econfina Creekrating263355/22/2013
Dry Creek(Lower)rating104448/28/2017
Econfina Creek (Upper)rating102339/1/2017
Lake Lafayette, Tallahasseerating1388310/6/2013
Wakulla River To City Parkrating114235/4/2015
Spring Creek-Chipola Magnoliarating105239/2/2017
Middle Chipola Riverrating220236/3/2015
Upper Econfina Creekrating100824/13/2015
Ocheese Pondrating961110/3/2012
Upper Chipolarating762112/17/2014
Lower Chipola Riverrating219118/8/2009
Merritt's Millpondrating178011/1/2010
Upper Sopchoppy Riverrating770112/23/2013
Apalachicola Riverrating116715/13/2012
St. Vincent Islandrating138911/4/2012
Boiling Creekrating150914/20/2011

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