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East of Tallahassee

Starting at the Jefferson County line, this region covers all inland and coastal areas east of Tallahassee all the way to the Atlantic and south to Gainesville.

Florida Cities: Jacksonville, St. Augustine


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9 Locations in East of Tallahassee
Apalachee Bayrating150011/2/2011
Aucilla Riverrating317869/1/2017
Econfina River, Taylor Countyrating1014110/1/2013
St. Marks Riverrating1212212/3/2013
Steinhatchee Riverrating1373210/27/2014
Suwannee Riverrating1249211/19/2015
Wacissa Riverrating182085/4/2015
Wakulla Beachrating1010110/14/2015
Wakulla Riverrating117027/5/2015