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Equipment for river, lake and coastal kayaking.

Like many equipment intensive sports, kayaking requires some basic equipment and accessories. Don't let the long list below scare you off. The basic equipment you need includes a kayak, paddle, PFD (Life Jacket), and in Florida, a noise making device (a plastic whistle will do nicely).

As you develop your skills, there are a number of kayaking accessories that can make your on-the-water experience more comfortable and enjoyable and provide additional safety. Use the links below to find more information on various pieces of equipment and accessories.

Basic Equipment
Item Used for
Kayaks Many kinds for many purposes
Paddles Propulsion
Spray Skirt Keeps water out of your kayak
PFD (Life Jacket) Flotation and safety

Standard Accessories
Item Used for
Bilge Pump / Sponges Keeping your kayak dry
Waterproof Bags Keeping everything else dry
Compass Staying on course
Knife Cutting entanglements
Deck Lines Securing gear
Paddle Leash Never lose your paddle

Touring Safety Accessories
Item Used for
First Aid Kit Medical emergencies
Floatation Bags Floating a swamped kayak
Paddle Float Re-entry of a swamped kayak
Signal Devices Attracting help
Tow Line When you're tired or injured
Radio Communications Calling for help, information and pizza

Item Used for
Links Equipment manufacturer web sites
Costs Estimated retail prices in U.S. dollars