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Web Dividers

Red Yellow Divider
Red Yellow 512x10 - 2k
Green Yellow Divider
Green Yellow 512x10 - 2k
Purple Yellow Divider
Purple Yellow 512x10 - 2k
Blue Divider
Blue 512x10 - 2k
Pump Divider
Pump 456x25 - 6k
Kayak Divider
Kayak 512x17 - 3k
Two Paddle Divider
Two Paddle 425x25 - 5k
Long Paddle Divider
Long Paddle 425x25 - 4k
Single Paddle Divider
Single Paddle 200x25 - 3k

Enjoy these fun paddling-oriented web dividers. Sure beats the 'ol <HR> tag!

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How to Save: If you are using a PC, right-click on the image and select "Save Picture As...". On a Macintosh, click and hold on the image until you see the option to save the image.
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