Florida Sea Kayaking Association

Welcome to the FSKA website! The FSKA is a diverse club of paddlers who enjoy all aspects of sea kayaking. Our current membership is concentrated in Northeast Florida although we have members from all parts of Florida and many other states.

FSKA events take place throughout the year on both open salt water (Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico inlets and bays, salt marsh, etc.) and on inland flat water (creeks, rivers, lakes, swamps, etc.). Most members paddle single sea kayaks followed by single seat sit-on-tops. Quite a few members also own and paddle recreational and whitewater kayaks, performance sit-on-tops, racing and tandem touring boats.   

FSKA members' interests are as diverse as the boats they paddle, such as:  fishing, bird watching, racing, building their own boats and paddles, exercise/fitness, camping, skills-training, long-distance excursions, day trips, or just plain relaxing, love of nature in general, etc.

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 Paddling Chat (713 Posts, Last Post: 8/5/2015)
 Buy, Sell, Trade (35 Posts, Last Post: 8/10/2015)

 FSKA: Regardless of your interest or skill level, you will
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