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 FS: P&h Scorpio014548/8/2015 lgordon
 FS: Qcc 600x Kayak016645/31/2014 sharonas
 FS: Solstice Gt, Current Designs Ke018393/28/2013 rlandon
 FS: Solstice Gt Current Designs Up-015013/14/2013 rlandon
 FS: Prijon Kodiak014431/31/2013 gbianchi
 WTB: Winter Paddling Gear0118110/31/2012 chrisnaff
 FS: Werner Paddle Player Premium012409/19/2012 rlandon
FS: Current Design Gulfstream013763/14/2012 ggomolka
FS: Ndk Greenlander Pro015803/14/2012 ggomolka
FS: Malone Telos And Jcradles013689/7/2011 knotbob
FS: Epic Wing Paddle014416/28/2011 gbianchi
 FS: 2 Thule Hullavators On Craigsli021326/24/2011 knotbob
 FS: Clc Partially Constructed Kayak015566/14/2011 knotbob
 FS: Kayak Necky Tesla128643/23/2011 rlovinsky
 WTB: Two Person Kayaks, Gear And Ra0178812/16/2010 gbailey
FS: Kajak Sport Viking Expedition2214210/29/2010 knotbob
FS: Current Design Storm Sea Kayak026112/14/2010 rlandon
 FS: Gear And Aquaterra Chinook340762/1/2010 bmeier
 WTB: Touring Paddle0188410/5/2009 gbailey
 TRADE: Accent 240cm Carbon Fiber Ha119599/7/2009 knotbob

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