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Texas Paddlefest (Photos)

Post By:gbailey on 11/23/2014 8:52am
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Our Texas paddling friends just completed another Paddlefest, once again organized by Ken Johnson and friends. Several years ago a group of those hardy travelers / paddlers came around the Gulf Of Mexico to paddle Florida with us, including the Ten Thousand Islands. That was a lot of fun and they were a great group to spend time with on the water (and on shore too!).
Here is a link to some photos from their Paddlefest (courtesy of Winifred Shrum).

click here to see photos

or cut and paste this link:


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RE: Texas Paddlefest (Photos)
Post By: andy on 12/8/2014 4:20am

Coincidentally, a sad note:
Right after previous posting, I came across this article:
Belgian kayaker drowns at North Cape

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RE: Texas Paddlefest (Photos)
Post By: andy on 12/8/2014 4:07am

It's a recent design (sometime in the last few years), I think it's Sterlings design (as opposed to Reg Lake who is the designer of many other of his boats).

Don't know where the 'Ice Kap' name came from, don't know if it's a derivation of kapp or not.

I hope Ken & his 'posse' make it over this way again sometime - they're a fun crew.


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RE: Texas Paddlefest (Photos)
Post By: gbailey on 12/7/2014 8:08pm

Yes I knew Ken was the guy to speak highly of the Sterling boats, but didn't recognize the Ice Cap boat. Will look again later. Wondering; is the Ice Cap boat's history related to the Nordkapp's, both alluding to cold, icy zones.

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RE: Texas Paddlefest (Photos)
Post By: andy on 11/25/2014 3:32am

Say, Greg,

Did you see the picture of the Ice Kap? (photo #46 from Picasa, or
'Robert with his beautiful Ice Cap Kayak' in Winnies)
(and yet, another spelling - (Cap))

This is the 2nd that I've seen in the 'wild'.

Interestingly enough, Ken is the one who turned me on to Sterling Kayaks (over his own interests).

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RE: Texas Paddlefest (Photos)
Post By: dpoole on 11/23/2014 7:00pm

Looked like a fun group.
Looks like the coast over near Galvaston, Tx. When I was there in the spring they were having a long stretch of east wind. The weed was a foot thick on the beach.

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