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Post By:dpoole on 11/24/2014 6:13pm
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Here is a rescue story from Adventure Kayak Magazine. The thing to notice is that they had camping gear, a radio and food.

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RE: Rescue....
Post By: andy on 11/25/2014 3:41am

Good story, a couple of lessons can be taken.

Food - if out for a few days carry more than extra - especially in their location. (though, I'll bet they had enough to carry them through - reporters usually exagerate difficulties - I remember once being interviewed - mentioned that a shark was following me for a while - they made it into a shark circling my kayak)

Unless weather 'drastically' changed (which is quite possible), they would have known that it was coming in on them (after a couple of days).

All in all - I think they were prepared - probably could have waited things out - but did the 'prudent' thing and called for help from the Coast Guard.


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