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2015 - Another Abismal Year

Post By:andy on 12/28/2014 12:34pm
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That's right, 2012 was the 1st ABISmal year, and 2015 will be another:
{A}round {B}arrier {I}sland {S}eries - {M}ore {A}round {L}oops (well, one added loop anyway).

Will be adding: MatGamb (Matanzas - Gamble Rogers).
Starting from Matanzas, out to sea, south down to Gamble Rogers park, portage back to the Intracoastal (about 1/4 mile), north back up to Matanzas.
Actually, it is kind of an abysmal trip: long, boring, includes a portage (that costs a couple of bucks), and haven't figured out the tides - sounds exciting.

Anyway, this years ABISmal trips (weather permitting):
(watch the Calendar for details)


1) Little Talbot Island (13 miles) (2/21 9:30 AM) (clockwise direction)
2) Jekyll Island (18 miles) (3/14 8:00AM) (with choice of direction, clock or CC)
3) Amelia Island (32 miles) (4/4 8:30AM clockwise)
4) Anastasia Island (Matanzas=>StAug) (34 miles) (4/18 8:30AM clockwise) (Note: starting from Matanzas this year)
5) MosqDeLeon (MosqLag=>PonceInlet) (38 miles) (5/23 2:30AM clockwise)
(with portage from ocean to Lagoon at boat ramp - end of A1a in park)
6) MatGamb (Matanzas=>Gamble Rogers) (43 miles) (6/27 3AM clockwise)
7) Cumberland Island (47 miles) (6/6 4AM counter-clockwise)
8) JaxAug BI (Jacksonville->StAug barrier island) (77 miles) (TBD) (probably won't go, unless there is interest)

ABIS Basics:
* 1/2 ICW paddling, 1/2 ocean paddling
* bring 'proper' equip - for conditions (lights - if trip is early or late, food, pain-killers (if you aren't used to long paddling hours), etc.)
* since I'm not a fast paddler, in order to finish in reasonable time - we won't make land-stops (except maybe for lunch)
* 'on water' stops every hour for 5 minutes, meals for 20-30 minutes

(I must be getting 'old'. The 1st 4 trips this year start on or after 8:00AM!)

As these trips are a little out of the ordinary, I don't expect them to be the only one listed on the Calendar date. Please, don't worry about posting trips on the dates I've chosen.

routes shown on: google (click on the 'arrow' to zoom into selected route)


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RE: 2015 - Another Abismal Year
Post By: gbailey on 12/30/2014 7:44pm

Superior planning once again Andy. I have just entered the first two into my Calendar and plan to do more of these than I did last year!

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