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Fska Romany 'raffle/Auction'

Post By:andy on 4/12/2015 11:24am
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FSKA Romany 'Raffle/Auction'

(note: there will probably be an email that goes out to all that has this same information:)

We're going to have a 'Kayak Raffle' for a NDK Romany (Classic).
If you're a member (for this year) you're already entered.

The drawing will be at the Sept 1 monthly meeting.


* Open to all FSKA members

* you are automatically entered (1 raffle ticket) if you pay your 2015 dues on or prior to 8/15/2015
* you can purchase an additional 2 tickets per member (3 per family) at $5/ticket
* your 'raffle' ticket # will be your userid followed by a number:
- eg, if user 'liketopaddle': purchased 1 additional ticket, 'liketopaddle' would own raffle tickets: liketopaddle_1 and liketopaddle_2
* Make checks payable to: ‘FLORIDA SEA KAYAKING ASSOCIATION’
- and mail or get it to Greg (the treasuerer) either at a meeting, a paddle, the local pub, or his address (see: joinus)
* open to all current/new members of FSKA, regardless of where you live - however, pickup will be in Jacksonville (or at a club trip in FL, GA)
* the 'draw' will take place at the 'September' FSKA meeting at IHOP (Sept 1, 2015)
* the winner of the Raffle wins the kayak, though may ‘trade’ it to the Auction winner in exchange for the Auction winner bid

* In addition to the above Raffle, any member may 'bid' on the kayak.
* The winner (high bid), may acquire the kayak - if the Raffle winner agrees, for the high bid
* 'Bidding' will take place via the Forum (note: only FSKA members can post to the forum) - under the subject line: "FSKA Romany Bidding" (there will be 'instructions' in the 1st message of the 'thread')
- note: only the 1st forum msg thread with the subject: "FSKA Romany Bidding" will be used for the 'bidding' (ie: don't open new Forum message, reply to the original one with your bid, the 'high' bid should always be the last one)

Delivery of kayak (in order of preference):
- pick up kayak at meeting following the 'draw' (IHOP)
- pick up kayak at next FSKA paddle (you don't have to paddle)
- pick up kayak from my place in daylight hours when I am available

Pictures of the kayak are here:
Romany Classic

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