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Fska Romany Bidding

Post By:andy on 4/12/2015 11:26am
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This forum thread is for the 'bidding' (the 'Auction' part) for the FSKA Romany 'Raffle/Auction' (see forum message: FSKA Romany 'Raffle/Auction')
(if you have questions about the Auction (bidding) or the Raffle, please do so in a new forum message, don't reply here)

To bid, reply to this message with:
"I bid $100" (or whatever)

(NOTE: you need to be a member to reply)
Remember (as detailed in the rules) - If you are the 'high' bidder, you may 'purchase' the kayak from the 'Raffle' winner for your bid, if the 'Raffle' winner chooses to sell.

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RE: Fska Romany Bidding
Post By: cableguy on 8/5/2015 7:57pm

I bid $1,000 for the Romany. Joe Cona

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