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Post By:andy on 5/12/2015 2:46am
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Few years ago, Freya left Epic, paddled a 'Point 65' around SA, now Oscar Chalupsky, nearly synonomous with Epic has jumped over to Nelo.

What next, are we going to see Greg paddling a P&H Cetus?


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RE: Epic<>Oscar=nelo
Post By: gbailey on 5/13/2015 7:51pm

Hey Andy.
I loved the Cetus that I paddled in Charleston a few year back. Would have been happy with one but the demo was quite unattractive! Bass boat silver speckled metal flake. JC paddled a red one on our Biscayne Bat NP trip and he's a very skilled paddler. Was making that boat dance, wave riding and paddling backwards half the time.

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