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Search Basics

Search is a convenient way to quickly locate items that you are interested in. Enter your keywords and click the Search button. Search will return up to 100 results that match your keywords.

The simpler your keywords, the more likely you will have a match.

Search does not understand boolean types, so entering "hike and yellowstone" will search for "hike yellowstone".

Common words such as "a", "if", "and", "the" and punctuation are removed. Finally, search is case insensitive; "BLUE WIDGET" and "blue widget" are the same.


Where do we search?

 - Name, Profile, City, ZIP Code

Articles and Web Pages
 - Page Title, Author Name, Keywords, Page Text

 - Subject, Message (for original posts only)

 - Event Summary, Description


You can search this site by entering commands into the address bar of your web browser.

Finds items by the individual with a user name of "username":

Finds items matching "keyword":

Finds all items posted or updated in last 3 days:*&d=3

Shows user logins in the last 24 hours:

Find keyword as a list without formatting:

Finds items by "username" posted in last 30 days and show without formatting:

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