FSKA Clipart Gallery

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This Clip-Art is from everywhere. I could not find much on the web so I started collecting it and making some several years ago. Many people sent Clip-Art to me from unknown origins. If your Clip-Art is displayed on these pages and you would like it removed, please notify me at the email address below. The images on the following pages are for anyone's use to copy and use any way they want.

To copy, right click on a image - then -" save image as...." , and copy it to one of your folders. All clip-art are GIF89a which means they have transparent backgrounds and you will need to use your browser to view it, if you do not have other programs that will display GIF images.

If you have problems or want clip art removed, contact me at kayakers@hotmail.com.

Kayaks: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

Whitewater: Page 1

Canoe: Page 1

GIF Animations: Page 1

Miscellaneous: Page 1