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Welcome Paddlers! We are delighted that you're interested in joining the Florida Sea Kayaking Association (FSKA). Please review the materials at for information regarding our memberships.  Also, please try to visit us at one of our regularly scheduled club meetings, which occur the 1st Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 PM at the following restaurant: 

The International House of Pancakes
8400 Baymeadows Rd
Jacksonville, FL  32256 

Last year was an extremely good year for FSKA. Here are some highlights:

  • over 50 diverse paddling trips and adventures all over the state of Florida  
  • an increase in the number of skilled trip leaders
  • well attended and very rewarding technique and paddling skills classes and seminars 
  • continued to add to our much envied video and book library for skills development and paddling adventure documentaries   
  • productive, lively, and well attended monthly meetings
  • numerous energetic new members
  • and last but not least, FSKA is now incorporated!


FSKA Memberships

The FSKA  membership year runs from April 1st to March 31st. Dues are $15 for an individual or $20 per family annually. You'll need to print and complete these membership documents:

See our Meetup page to join.

Plans for the new year:

This year has all the markings of an even better year for FSKA: check out our upcoming paddling trips and events, trip reports and area contacts.  Plans are also in the making for another series of sessions to practice kayak skills and safety.

Starting back in 2004, all members are be required to demonstrate their assisted rescue abilities as a prerequisite to going on some of our more challenging paddling trips (see note below for further information on this requirement).  Each spring when the waters warm we'll practice and assist our new members in learning this valuable skill. 

Working committees were formed and are devising strategies to involve more of our very energetic and bright memers (training, promotion / membership, special activities, paddle trip classification, and rules).

This year we are also going to encourage and assist members to form kayak-related interest groups (such as fishing, racing, women paddlers, camping/excursions, weekday paddlers, skills practice, kayak-building, etc.), through e-mail contacts and informal get-togethers.

Continued expansion of our library to include more DVDs, books and improved distribution to out-of-town members, possibly by mail, see area contacts.

Promotion of FSKA through various means, including bumper/kayak stickers, ads at business establishments, posting meetings and paddles in newspapers and representation at public functions.

Finally, build an even stronger contingent of river and sea kayakers and trip leaders.    

As you can see FSKA is going strong and very much alive!

Assisted Rescue Requirement Special Note:

FSKA strives to be the safest paddling club around and wants its members to be confident that all paddlers on our trips can perform assisted rescues, if the need arises.  Therefore, as a prerequisite to going on many of FSKA paddles, all members will be required to demonstrate to our Training Committee, their ability to perform simple assisted rescues, both as the “rescuee” and the rescuer.

Members that join FSKA during the colder months can go on "less difficult" paddles till the water temperature warms up.  If a member does not know how to do an assisted rescue, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn. FSKA will offer  periodic kayak/rescue skills practices. Since FSKA paddle trips are group activities, assisted rescues will be emphasized during the practice sessions. When feasible, assisted rescues could also be practiced during scheduled paddle trips. Members will also have the opportunity to learn to self-rescue.

You can be checked out and demonstrate your assisted rescue skills by any of the following individuals:  Greg Bailey, Cynthia Gordon, Larry Gordon, Andy Mitchell, and Bruce Meier on any of our paddles or skills practices.