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St. Johns River

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St. Johns River

ZIP Code: 32259

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 3.5 / 5

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St. Johns River Photo
Photo by kayakeradams

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Land ho!
Dames Pt bridge
Cruise terminal
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 Date: 9/19/2009
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 20+Photos: 6 
(Lower St Johns) Put in at Mayport Boat Ramp @ 9:15. High tide was 9:41. Rode the tide up-river (west), circumnavigated Bartram Island and returned to Mayport @ 16:30.

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 Date: 5/1/2006
Rating: Trip Rating
 Miles: 8Photos: 2 
(Julington Creek) Paddle the St. Johns River from Julington Creek to Black Creek

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rkeeler on 5/2/2009 7:43am
I think those pictures of the monster waves were mine. And thank you Franklin for allowing me to explore a bit while I paddle. This was definitely one of the most challenging paddles I've been on with the FSKA for being inland.

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