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Northeast FLA

Welcome to the First Coast. Stretching from Amelia Island on the Atlantic to Big Bend on the Gulf, you'll find history just bubbling from the ground in hundreds of prime paddling destinations.

Florida Cities: Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Gainsville, Ocala, Daytona Beach


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17 Locations in Northeast FLA
Nassau Soundrating486622/28/2009
Cumberland Island, Garating321356/13/2012
St. Johns Riverrating3065310/15/2009
Seven Sisters Islandsrating2941112/10/2010
Okefenokee Swamprating232814/5/2009
Jacksonville To Mayport, Flrating215617/27/2010
Ft. Clinch & Submarinesrating211816/17/2009
Summer Havenrating195716/14/2009
Intracoastal Waterway (Icww)rating193913/1/2009
St. Augustinerating193013/1/2009
Fernandina Beachrating185613/1/2009
Black Creekrating182612/28/2009
First Coast Racing Seriesrating171914/12/2009
Mandarin Park To County Dock-1528311/10/2014
Durbin Creekrating149817/15/2012
Put In At Usina County Parkrating1304110/14/2012
Anastasia Islandrating1176211/13/2014