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New To Forum And Kayaking

Post By:strixvaria on 4/16/2012 2:09pmicon
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Hi everyone! I'm excited to have found a "local" forum for kayaking.

My name is Eric, I'm 35, and I'm pretty new to kayaking. I rented my first kayak several months ago, fell in love, and recently purchased a 12' sit-in yak. My girlfriend recently purchased a 10' sit-in. I've only been to Wekiwa so far, but I'm excited to explore.

Any recommendations for favorite local places to drop in would be greatly appreciated.

Also, can anyone comment on kayaking during gator mating/nesting seasons? I've done some research online, but I still have questions. Should I pack up my 'yak and not use it during these seasons?


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RE: New To Forum And Kayakingicon
Post By: nate on 4/16/2012 5:57pm

Welcome Eric, and happy paddling. Smile

I'm a little extra cautious during mating season, but I don't change my paddlig habits much. Had one big female mistake my boat's self bailer noise for a male mating call and chase me across the Apalachicola River once. Be careful if you paddle from dusk til dawn, that's when they feed.

Mostly it's just using common sense.

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RE: New To Forum And Kayaking
Post By: Unknown on 4/16/2012 5:58pm

Welcome, Eric. I would advise, stay off the water during mating season. And when its too hot, or cold, or rainy, or....

I'm kidding. Just selfish. I paddle every week of the year. Just be smart. Keep your distance from alligators, and all wildlife, year round.

See ya on the Wekiva.

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RE: New To Forum And Kayaking
Post By: Unknown on 4/17/2012 7:27pm

Eric, as far as places to paddle, read the trip reports, then go out. I think the Orlando area is the best place to be as there are dozens of locations within an easy drive. For example, I worked to one pm today. Thought of going to Haulover Canal but the forecast was moderate chop. So, I thought I'd revisit the Siver River after being shut out, monkeywise, for the first time ever, Saturday. Figured I could be on the water by 3. On the way, up 436, at Red Bug Rd, I thought, I could turn here and head to the Econlockhatchee But, we need rain to make that a more enjoyable paddle. So, on to I-4. Could have got off on 434 and headed to Wekiwa Springs State Park I kept going. State Road 46, the Sanford/Mount Dora exit, tempted a turnoff to Katie's Landing But, I kept going. The Orange City exit means Blue Spring State Park I kept going. I thought I'd see how I was doing on time once I got near Alexander Springs maybe I'd paddle there. But, in DeLand, at a red light at 15A and 44, I thought, I need to stop driving and get on the water, So, I hung a left and headed to Ed Stone Park Today's Tale may not get posted until Wed or Thur, as I am still uploading Sunday's Wekiva RIver from Wilson's Landing Tale. Moral of this reply, you will have no problem find places to paddle.

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RE: New To Forum And Kayakingicon
Post By: strixvaria on 4/20/2012 1:56pm

I sure appreciate the replies. I've been checking out the "Trips" section, and your blog, Dave. Kudos to all who take the time to document their adventures. Weather permitting, we're thinking about doing a round-trip out of Wilson's Landing Park this weekend. Thanks again, all!

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RE: New To Forum And Kayaking
Post By: Unknown on 4/20/2012 5:23pm

Eric, launch at Katie's Landing. It's much better. You can drive to the River's edge, unload, then drive to the parkiing lot. Nice flat launch site. But, rain permittig, it may be busy Saturday.!/events/377283205636068/

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RE: New To Forum And Kayakingicon
Post By: strixvaria on 4/22/2012 6:55pm

We launched at Katie's Landing today. Great recommendation and awesome trip!

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