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WTB: Tandem Kayak-Preferably Sit-In

Post By:nemtech on 5/24/2013 1:01pmicon
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Wanted: Tandem Kayak-Preferably Sit-in

Price : $0-500

City: Miami

My Contact Info

Name: Jorge Rios-Cifuentes
Phone: 305 987 4126
Email: Me

Hello, I'm interested in becoming a new kayaker and I'm looking for a tandem kayak preferably Sit-in that will accompany me on my first kayak journey; around the lake of the Hammocks;,. If you have one, know of one, or know someone that is selling one PLEASE!!! Notify me ASAP because I want to start like RIGHT NOW!! Thank you for reading this forum. - New User on

Jorge Rios-Cifuentes

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RE: Wtb: Tandem Kayak-Preferably Sit-Inicon
Post By: paddlesolo on 5/26/2013 5:23am

Maybe you are in luck, a couple of posts down there is a tandem for sale in Orlando.

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