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FS+p: Malibu Stealth

Post By:lckcpaddler2 on 10/17/2013 6:01amicon
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For Sale: malibu Stealth

Price : $725.00

City: Gainesville

My Contact Info

Name: morgan house
Email: Me

malibu Stealth

Malibu Stealth 9ft Fishing Model
A small kayak loaded with Fishing Features
All the features of our larger Stealth Fishing Kayaks but weighs in at only 49 lbs
This is the #1 stand up fishing Ė easy to launch and transport Fishing Kayak you will ever paddle
Length: 9′ 3″ Width 33.5″ Depth 12″ Weight 49lbs Capacity 275 lbs
Oh Yes: donít forget the storage and bait tank

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