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FS: Skin On Frame Kayak, 15.5 ', Kit Or Finished

Post By:hikeswithcanoe on 2/10/2014 5:43pm
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For Sale: Skin on Frame Kayak, 15.5 ', kit or finished

Price : $900.00

City: Gulf Breeze

My Contact Info

Name: Buddy
Email: Me

Hi all.

I have a 21st Century skin on frame kayak, the 15.5 ' model. Search Youtube for "21st Century Kayaks" to see a finished one and how to assemble and handle them. These run (or ran?) about $900. And that is not a high price for a good kayak kit.

This kit has been worked on. Much of the hard sanding and hard to get to places have been given a first coat of varnish. Some critical parts of the frame have already been glued. In addition, I have added small blocks of wood at each glue joint, so when you glue up the frame it can't help but come together properly. Now its just a matter of putting epoxy glue at each joint and pulling each joint tight with a zip tie. This avoids the rather exciting way of trying to get each joint just right without messing up the ones already done.

The kit plans call for the use of West Systems 620 epoxy. It comes in a "caulking tube" self mixing dispenser. And it is about the consistency of grease so it doesn't run. Much better and less messy than your typical epoxies.

Everything major needed to finish is supplied (might be a few minor things still to get)

For an additional $150 I do the glue up job myself, which will finish the frame.

For another $250 I"ll put on the skin (which is included in the kit).

For yet another $250 I'll do the coloring and coating of the skin. You choice of style/colors (within reason).

So, for $1550 total you can have a unique kayak of your own. A good bit less if you wanna do some work yourself.

This style kayak is very light weight and the skin is made of ballistic nylon. Its much more durable than one would think. These boats are beautiful in the sun as they are translucent, unlike most other craft.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Serious inquiries only please.

Do some internet research on " skin o~

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