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Paddle Partner Santa Rosa County Area

Post By:sedona on 2/7/2015 7:12pm
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I'm looking for paddling partner(s) that can paddle during the week, preferably NW Florida.

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RE: Paddle Partner Santa Rosa County Areaicon
Post By: paddlesolo on 2/10/2015 5:53am

There is an online paddling group called the Florida Panhandle Canoe and Kayak Connection. There are no dues, or meetings, you just get e-mails about paddles. Many of them are in your area and during the week. Go to the following website and follow the directions to get added to this group. I look forward to paddling with you in the future.

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RE: Paddle Partner Santa Rosa County Area
Post By: sedona on 2/12/2015 6:48pm

Thank you for the quick reply. I do belong to this group and also WFCKC in Pensacola. I have been on a couple of their trips and enjoyed them. Most of the weekday trips are not on my "weekend" of Tuesday and Wednesday. I am new to kayaking and am hoping to get with someone who is more experienced and that I can learn from. I also find I solo paddle rather than go with groups, which I have found to be more social paddling than not.

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RE: Paddle Partner Santa Rosa County Area
Post By: wildman on 2/20/2015 11:25pm

There are two clubs that cover the panhandle: FPCKC & WFCKC = FPCKC is explained in the previous reply. WFCKC is open through a paid membership and we have meetings on the fourth Tuesday of each month in Pensacola. We offer trips where some trips allow you to bring your pet. Visit our web site for meeting details/time.

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