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Need Kayaking Buddies In Central East Coast Florid

Post By:marshbunny on 2/18/2015 11:46am
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I live in Palm Bay and have explored most of the creeks and rivers around here. I love it - but all my old kayaking buddies have drifted off to other things and I need some new buddies.

Anyone want to go paddling? Sometimes it's great to paddle alone, but then sometimes it's more fun with others! I don't care if you are a beginner or expert, so long as you are able to have fun floating and exploring.

I only have weekends available, but I'm willing to launch any day the temperature is above my age and the wind is below it! Smile I'll be glad to show you the trails I know and happy to go anywhere new.

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RE: Need Kayaking Buddies In Central East Coast Florid
Post By: ladybug on 5/28/2015 5:11pm

Hi marshbunny.

I belong to a kayak club but we don't seem to get out too much. A couple of us from the club living in West Melbourne would like to start going out together but don't know much about the local places to go.

I am new to FL (1 year now) the same for kayaking. I love it and would be happy to go out when ever not working.

Maybe we can meet up for a paddle.


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